Kontiki Slottsskogen

Kontiki Slottsskogen

Kontiki Slottsskogen

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Gothenburg, Sweden
Kontiki is the first and only tikibar and restaurant in Gothenburg and was first started in another part of town, back in 2004, called Gamlestan.

Since may 2007 however we are now situated just by the big central park Slottsskogen.

Right now were open four days a week (wednesday-saturday) and every night we have djs, clubs and livebands playing all type of alternative music. Check our website for whats on tonight.

The interior is mostely of bamboo, over 3 km to be exakt and the food and drinks are also influenced by the polynesian and south american part of the world with a lot of exotic spices and decorations.

For more info in swedish, check our website: WWW.KONTIKI.NU
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