Eli Hedley's Home

San Pedro, CA, United States
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Articles about Eli Hedley's Home in San Pedro
August 29, 2006
Three books from the beachcombing Hedley family The family of Eli Hedley have three books newly available: View from the Top of the Mast, by Bungy Hedley If you’ve read her tales here or on Tiki Central, then you know she’s got some fantas...
July 25, 2006
The Cove in San Pedro A few weeks ago, Hanford & I went down to San Pedro for a quick weekend visit, to go to a Tiki Central Beach Burn. While there, we made some time to check out some of the local tiki spots. The Gateway to the Cove Outdoor f...
December 21, 2005
The late, great Eli Hedley’s name has been mentioned here before, and can be seen liberally peppered throughout Critiki and Tiki Central. Eli Hedley, the Original Beachcomber, was a fascinating character, and is responsible for much of the beachc...
September 26, 2005
Site of Hedley Home, photo by Sabu the Coconut Boy In San Pedro, just south of Los Angeles, an unusual man named Eli Hedley created the aesthetic we now know today as the “beachcomber” look. Hedley had been a grocer in Oklahoma, when the D...

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