The Islands Restaurant

San Diego, CA, United States
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Articles about The Islands Restaurant in San Diego
February 5, 2016
A couple days ago, Heydays Vintage TV reached out to my friend Jeff Kunkle, of Vintage Roadside, to ask an interesting question: how many of the old, vintage tiki bars are still operating in the U.S.? Well, now, like our earlier question about which st…
March 20, 2007
The new Islands Restaurant, photo by bamalamalu Not that anyone’s hopes were high, but it’s still crushing to see… above is a photo of the newly renovated Islands Restaurant in San Diego, taken by bamalamalu and posted to Tiki Centra...
November 15, 2006
Footage of the Islands Restaurant in San Diego, by Chongolio Chongolio has created this great little video clip of the Islands Restaurant in San Diego, using footage he took at last year’s Tiki Oasis. It includes a nice, lingering pan shot of th...
November 11, 2006
A weekly review of my favorite among the many items Mimi Payne has posted to her Arkiva Tropika website in the past seven days: Trader Vic’s Trading License, from Arkiva Tropika This is a souvenir Trading License, given to customers in the ...
November 7, 2006
Islands Restaurant after first day of renovation, photo by Mr. NoNaMe The past day has brought a series of confirmations and more information about the remodeling of the Islands Restaurant and Hanalei Hotel in San Diego. Much of the information comes ...
November 6, 2006
Fountain at the Islands Restaurant in the Hanalei Hotel, San Diego Joel Reis reports on his blog that the Island Restaurant at the Hanalei Hotel in San Diego closed yesterday for some apparently drastic renovations. The Islands Restaurant has been at ...
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