Wauwatosa, WI
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6502 W North Ave
Wauwatosa, WI
Opened in 2016
Tue-Thu 4:30pm-12:30am
Fri-Sat 4:30pm-2am
Sun 4:30pm-12:30am
Closed Mon
(414) 323-7555

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by 28 people



Everyone You
Decor 6.1
Drink Quality 6.5
Drink Selection 7.3
Food Quality 6.8
Food Selection 7
Mood 5.4
Music 5.3
Service 8.2
Tikiness 5.5
Tilt 5.7
Vibe 5.5

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Humuhumu’s description

Wauwatiki was opened by owners Peter Panagos, James Findlay and Jason Growel in April 2016 in Wauwatosa, a town just to the west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The menu includes tiki drinks and small food plates. The decor includes thatch-covered booth seating lined with bamboo, and there is a rounded A-frame entry. The walls are painted with subtle tiki motifs.
Wauwatiki suffered a minor electrical fire in September of that year, and was closed for repairs until November 2016.


Missmaelaroux has visited Wauwatiki.
October 19, 2018, 4:03 PM
As far as tiki bars go, itís not fabulous, but itís still a solid restaurant and deserves mention. Excellent service, not a bad crowd, a solid mai tai, satisfying food and a good addition to the Midwest not so enriched in pacific culture. I think itís worth the visit!
Midwest Tiki
Midwest Tiki has visited Wauwatiki.
July 11, 2018, 8:38 PM
I went here with my family, which means I had other opinions to draw from, as well as being able to try a variety of drinks.

I have to give them props for the effort with the decor. There are tiki planters, tikis carved into the walls. Even though I wouldn't say bamboo huts are particularly tiki, I appreciate the effort and the ambiance that lends to the bar. I would say they really nailed the Polynesian feel, up until the part where they cheapen it with plastic leis and put in a TV. And after complaining about going to tiki bars that are two bright, I have to give Wauwatiki lots of credit for having the windows open and still managing to be darker than the last four "tiki bars" I have visited. I also really liked the wooden menu holders with hinges on them. For a bar that was lacking in a mysterious feel, the menu did provide that feeling.

The drink selection is pretty good, even though some of the drinks are just traditional cocktails...but with rum! The mai tai, the most important part of this comment (maybe not), was really sweet and fruit-forward, which isn't what I want from my mai tais. My mom had the rum runner, which was really smooth and balanced. Meanwhile, my dad, who was confused by the tiki drinks, had a beer and my sister, who has had allergic reactions from rum, had coconut water, which was served in the same style of glass they use for the mai tai.

We didn't get food, but the menu seemed like standard bar food with poke added. Our waitress was really indifferent, but the crowd there was really quiet, although seemed like general bar patrons. The thing that really irked me though was not the TV, but them having "musical bingo," which largely consists of playing 30 second snippets of pop songs over the speakers while people play along. What had been a pretty enjoyable night at a place with a pretty good atmosphere was kind of derailed by a gimmick, which I think kills all of the tikiness.

If anything hurts Wauwatiki, it's the fact they have gimmick nights and they're not that far from Foundation. Any given night, I would rather go there because I know most nights I can enjoy myself, pending patron behavior. I'm almost frustrated by the bar because I see all of the effort put into it, and then things that almost club it in the foot, like music bingo and a TV showing sports. I think if you live in the western suburbs of Milwaukee, it's worth going to or if you are taking a relative to a tiki bar, but worry they'll be overwhelmed by Foundation.
tikenya is a semi-regular at Wauwatiki.
June 27, 2018, 12:45 PM
I'm really not sure why this location has been rated as poorly as it has. It's actually a fairly decent tiki bar and the staff is fabulous. All the downside comments previously made here seem to apply more to Love Shack in downtown Milwaukee than to Wauwatiki (too bright, poor vibe, wrong type of music, service lacking). The fact that all the reviews commented on how awesome the drinks were at Wauwatiki alone should get them at least above 6.5 in rating. Their drinks are well balanced and mixed! And the food is really good (and gluten-free). Personally I believe they deserve at least a 7.5 overall rating. The drinks and food are excellent. The staff is great. They are brighter than a traditional tiki bar - but having an outside area is actually kind of nice. Could use a bit more tiki decoration, but I wouldn't call it lacking. Personally I would ditch the TVs, but they are still a bar and their are plenty of patrons wanting to watch the game at their local bar.
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