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3620 E. Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ
Opened in 2016
Wed-Thu 4pm-midnight
Fri-Sat 4pm-2am
(602) 753-6504

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by 45 people



Everyone You
Decor 9.6
Drink Quality 9.8
Drink Selection 9.9
Mood 9.4
Music 9.7
Service 9.5
Tikiness 9.2
Tilt 8.9
Vibe 8.5

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Humuhumu’s description

UnderTow opened in August 2016, in the lower level of Sip Coffee & Beer Garage. The interior was designed by Danny "Tiki Diablo" Gallardo.


arcadiandj is a regular at UnderTow, and is usually there Once every couple weeks!.
August 19, 2017, 9:46 AM
So, this summer, my wife and I did a "Tour de Tiki" that included Tiki Ti, Don the Beachcombers', and Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar (our first and favorite tiki bar-to give you a frame of reference). We have also been to the Tonga Hut and Bootlegger Tiki in Palm Springs. In our humble opinions, Under Tow has the best bartenders and quality of drinks/drink menu out of all of those bars. FWIW. Trader Sam's is still our favorite, but Under Tow's space/ambiance is MARVELOUS, and the quality of their drinks and likeability of their bartenders is truly special!
Tiki Kiki
Tiki Kiki has visited UnderTow.
March 20, 2017, 10:55 AM
I would like to reiterate the review from Tikipike. My experience at UnderTow was very similar so no need to repeat. Also went on a Thursday night. Didn't need a res. It was busy but not crowded, which was perfect. The drinks were some of the best tiki drinks I have had and I have been to a lot of tiki bars. Well balanced, exotic and unique ingredients. My favorite was the Bridge of 2 Cultures. UnderTow is a must see (and taste) for tiki fans! Arizona is lucky to have such a good bar. They did have a white version of their mug too that I was lucky enough to get my hands on. Will post a pic.
tikiglees has visited UnderTow.
February 18, 2017, 12:06 PM
Stuck in Phx overnight and checked out UnderTow. Wow, what a gem. Bartenders were slinging it and the overall vibe was tip top... ran into Martin Cate as well who was there for a Plantation tasting. It's small but a great spot
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