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Atlanta, GA
Bar & Restaurant
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Courtland St. NE at Harris St. NE
Atlanta, GA
Opened in 1976
Tue-Sat 5pm-midnight
closed Sun & Mon
(404) 221-6339

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Trader Vic's



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Decor 9.6
Drink Quality 8.7
Drink Selection 9.6
Food Quality 8.3
Food Selection 8.2
Mood 9.2
Music 8.5
Service 8.7
Tikiness 9.7
Tilt 9.1
Vibe 8.8

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Humuhumu’s description

This Trader Vic's opened in the basement level of the Hilton Hotel in downtown Atlanta in 1976. This is the only one of the Trader Vic's locations in the United States today that has not been updated in a way that removes some of the original charm. There have been ebbs and flows in the quality of the drink offerings over the last decade or so, but its value as a piece of Polynesian Pop history has helped it remain an important attraction.


March 26, 2018, 8:51 AM
We visited on St Patty's day for a friend's birthday. It was fine. All tikiphiles should visit just for nostalgia. That being said. They don't have falernum. The bar was packed at closing time and they called a hard last call. Then the busser walked through and said "Get out." Hardly the aloha spirit. If you're in Atlanta, go because you need to. Expect syrupy cocktails and apathetic staff, but enjoy the surroundings.
Tikikahuna has visited Trader Vic's.
March 9, 2018, 7:50 PM
Let me start by saying I'm a big fan of Tiki Bars and of the Trader Vic's franchise, so my expectations here were high. This was my first visit to the Atlanta Trader Vic's. I've been to several other Trader Vic's, most of which, sadly, have closed. So I was excited to finally visit Trader Vic's Atlanta, one of only 2 Trader Vic's left in the United States.
I was solo, so I decided to just eat at the bar. I was hoping for an old school, tiki bar experience, but no sooner had I sat down than the experience was corrupted. To my left was a big screen TV with ESPN. While this would be a fine addition to many bars, it is anathema to the experience one seeks in a tiki bar. I came here to escape for a short time to a mythical South Seas paradise. A place far from the modern world and it's trappings. Barbie and Ken commentators gushing over Labron James does not help set that mood! I swear, I did my best to ignore that damn TV, but found my eyes being drawn to it far too often. Much of my downgraded rating to 3 stars can be attributed to the lack of commitment to the tiki atmosphere.
So let me get to food and drinks. I ordered the Imperial Beef, an oriental dish of beef and vegetables cooked in a wok. It was my wife's favorite when we used to go to the Trader Vic's in Bellview WA when it was still open. I have no gripes with the food. It was as fantastic as I remembered it.
I had 3 drinks. A Menehune Juice, a Suffering Bastard and a Zombie. The first 2 were surprisingly similar and overly sweet for my taste. Although I do believe they were prepared properly, if not enthusiastically. For my last drink I didn't want another super sweet drink. I mentioned to the bartender that I didn't see the Missionaries Downfall or the Dr. Funk on the drink menu. He responded that the Dr. Funk used to be on the menu but he was unable to reliably stock Pernod. To which I suggested substituting Absinth, to which he informed me he didn't have enough demand to keep it stocked. Fine, I get that. But seeing as Trader Vic's was one of the originators of the "craft cocktail" it just seems to me that they might make a little more effort to keep an impressively stocked bar. He ended up suggesting and making a Zombie for me. Again there was nothing really wrong with it other than it was uninspired.
I may seem to be a little harsh in some of my criticisms. Let me say that the decor in the restaurant was impressive. I would love to come back for group or even a family dinner here, but there are just so many things they could easily do better. Atmosphere and authenticity are critical in pulling off the tiki bar experience, and they need to work on that.
Johnny Junior
Johnny Junior has visited Trader Vic's.
December 8, 2017, 1:39 PM
The decor and the history truly are the main draw here. I stopped in a few times over the summer while in Atlanta for work and was instantly charmed by the atmosphere. Inside you will find a sprawling layout with plenty of large tiki statues and a good old fashioned feel. It has been kept so well over the years that you feel like youíve traveled back in time the moment you walk in. The fact that it is located semi-hidden below the Hilton hotel adds to its mystique. I came in around 5 pm on a weekday and sat at the bar. It was a bit stuffy and sleepy at this hour but I was into it. Service was friendly and efficient. A TV behind the bar was showing sports while the bartender talked to a rowdy patient about professional wrestlers. I appreciated the lively conversation but could see how one might be turned off by the vibe. I started with a Mai Tai which was good though rather generic and artificial. I saw bartenders putting store bought Orange and Pineapple juices in cocktails which was a bit disheartening if not entirely sacreligious. I tried some chicken satay which was surprisingly good. The staff didnít seem to take much pride in tiki culture or know much about it other than having the recipes on the menu memorized. Overall it was a bit of a let down given how excellent I know a tiki bar can be. Especially one that wears the official Trader Vicís label and has such an amazing location. All of that said, it is worth a visit if you are a die hard tiki lover and I would definitely stop by again next time I find myself in the area.
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