Tiki Tolteca

New Orleans, LA
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301 North Peters St.
New Orleans, LA
Opened in 2013
Mon-Thu 5pm-11pm
Fri-Sat 3pm-2am
Sun 3pm-11pm
(504) 288-8226

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Tiki Tolteca



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Decor 7.5
Drink Quality 8.1
Drink Selection 8
Mood 8.1
Music 7.2
Service 7.8
Tikiness 7.6
Tilt 7.6
Vibe 7.3

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Humuhumu’s description

When Tiki Tolteca opened in May 2013, it was the first tiki bar to operate in New Orleans in decades. It sits within a Mexican taqueria called Felipe's, and as such is a blend of Tiki and Latin American influences. They make their own syrups and use fresh juices, and incorporate south-of-the-border spirits like mezcal, pisco and cachaša beyond the expected rum. Food is available from Felipe's below.
The space blends exposed brick with bamboo and thatch, and there are many beachcomber lamps. Drinks are served in tiki mugs, or in the heavy, blue-rimmed glasses that are familiar in Mexican restaurants.


AzMexFuji has visited Tiki Tolteca.
November 14, 2017, 5:38 PM
Popped up here through the inside side door of taco place. BF didn't believe me that there was another hidden bar up there. Very dark. Tranquil. Plenty of seats at the small bar when we went Sunday early evening. Bartender really chill, downhome, master of his domain. All drinks were really super nice. I tried ancient mariner and Dr. Fung, both awesome. They also have tiki shots in a little miniature tiki mug. Me and this other person at the bar were like Must Have One when we saw a local bartender escorting other visitors there and ordering them. I'll post pic. That visting bartender came back a 2nd time with a different party, so he really likes to take people there. We ended up staying quite a while and chatting with good company at the bar. It is also a starting point for Doctor Gumbo tours so, to me, that said something very specific. My critiki rating ended up being 9.4. I really enjoyed my visit here compared to other tiki places and other nice bars in town. The bartender says he's retire if he wins the lottery. I understand, but he's one of the best. Ever.
JP has visited Tiki Tolteca.
November 11, 2017, 2:14 PM
We visited twice during a recent trip to NOLA (Nov. 2017) - both times during the day, so it wasn't packed or busy (or full of drink folks who stumbled off of Bourbon St. and got lost)

The bartenders were really great, knowledgable and fun to talk to.

Plenty of space inside the bar, with ample decor.

No idea what the vibe is like in the evening, but I would recommend hitting it up after they open and starting your day off with a stiff drink!
Shop99er has visited Tiki Tolteca.
November 8, 2017, 2:00 PM
Much prefer Tiki Tolteca over Latitude 29. This place has the feel of the old days (60's-70's), and not the current touristy spin.

Drinks were great, and the bartenders were a hoot.

I wouldn't say the decorations were sparse, they just aren't packed in so tight that they start to blend together.

Assuming I ever go to NOLA again, we'll certainly come back here.
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