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Tiki TNT

Washington, D.C.
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The Wharf
Washington, D.C.
Coming in late 2017
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Humuhumu’s description

Tiki TNT is a new tiki bar coming to Washington, D.C.'s The Wharf complex, as part of Todd Thrasher's new Potomac Distilling Company operation. It is expected to open in late 2017, perhaps in the fall. Thrasher will be distilling his own rum onsite; Tiki TNT will be one of several adjacent bars operated by Thrasher.


January 11, 2019, 7:48 AM
I think much has been said about the drinks so I won't repeat those remarks, but I would like to reemphasize the issue of atmosphere. There are two bars inside the building, the first of which is a more intimately lit setup, though it is right by the door so your tropical escape can easily be interrupted by newcomers or just a reminder of the world outside. It's hard to get a stool at this lower bar as well.

The second bar falls even farther from tiki atmospherics. This bar has very high ceilings and a crew of black t-shirt wearing "mixologists" running the bar in a frenzy. The crowd seems to be a young, raucous combination of happy hour enthusiasts and awkward first dates. My bartender was really friendly and chatted with me a bit about the drinks, but most others (there were like 7 people behind the bar) ignored me entirely while they shuffled from corner to corner slinging frozen rum and cokes served in hollowed out coke cans. The bar faces the kitchen so I constantly felt uncomfortable, like my stool might have been in the way of servers. There was also a flatscreen TV high up on the wall to the left of the bar. This is a MAJOR problem. That detail absolutely tanked any appeal for me. It's not a tiki bar, but simply a cocktail king's folly, co-opting tiki trends in a haphazard stab at mass market consumption. This bar alienates true tiki fans while assuming uninitiated patrons care about nothing more than having a drink with an umbrella in it.
January 3, 2019, 12:53 PM
Make that a 3rd review that isn't great. I went over the holiday break and while it wasn't as insanely busy at it appears it can be, the atmosphere is almost industrial - it reminds me of what it is, an open-window, high-ceiling distillery.

The drinks were not great. The Mai Tai was almost spicy and very...dark? It's hard to describe. My wife is a bit of a Missionary's Downfall connoisseur, and she did not like it. I tasted it - not sure where the mint flavor was.

I had a 3 Dots and a Dash and it was fine. In a nicer Tiki bar, it would be quite a mediocre drink.

I know that the purpose and point was to have a modern Tiki feel, but the drinks aren't great and that highlights the poor decor and overcrowding. Hoping things get better. It would be nice to have additional options in DC (as much as I like Archipelago).
December 27, 2018, 11:13 AM
I second GrognardGourmand's review. Had literally the same experience. We were seated at the smaller bar on the 1st floor, and my wife ordered the Missionary's Downfall, and I had the Mai Tai...considering I saw all the homemade syrups and Rum selection I thought we were in for a treat. But it was more like a trick when we tasted our drinks. Between bad drinks and no decor or atmosphere to speak of, I'll be rating this one below a 5 once Humu opens it up for ratings. This is a hard pass for me. Like Grognard said...thank god for Archipeligo...and House of Foong Lin!
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