Tiki Iniki

Princeville, HI
Bar & Restaurant
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5-4280 Kuhio Hwy
Princeville, HI
Opened in 2013
Daily 11:30am-12am
(808) 431-4242

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Tiki Iniki



by 43 people



Everyone You
Decor 7.9
Drink Quality 7.5
Drink Selection 7.3
Food Quality 7.1
Food Selection 6.5
Mood 7.1
Music 5.6
Service 8
Tikiness 8
Tilt 7.2
Vibe 7

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Humuhumu’s description

Tiki Iniki opened in Princeville, on the north side of the island of Kauai, in 2013. It was brought to life by Michele Rundgren, wife of famed all-over-the-musical-map Todd Rundgren. The two fell in love with Kauai through their visits to the Coco Palms resort. They moved to Kauai just after Hurricane Iniki destroyed the resort. All these years later, they have now opened a place of their own.
The interior of Tiki Iniki was created by Bamboo Ben.
A sister Tiki Iniki
coming soon
Tiki Iniki
Atlanta, GA
Bar & Restaurant
location is coming to Atlanta, operated by a licensee without the Rundgrens' involvement.


March 31, 2020, 9:25 AM
We visited Nov 2013, so within the first year of their opening. Was one of the very few places on the north side of the island open late. They didn't have mugs for sale at the time (as far as I remember), and now I want one!
NWTiki has visited Tiki Iniki.
January 11, 2020, 6:46 AM
I visited Tiki Iniki in 2015. I’ll be going back for the first time since then in October. I loved their cocktails and I ended up leaving with a mug and a shirt. It was a short walk from where I was staying in Princeville so I went several times while staying in the area. The decor was cool, but the music didn’t fit the vibe. Surfing was on their TVs which worked well enough for me. The food was good, and the service wasn’t bad. I would go again, but I do wish they’d change their music to match the bar.
ackahuna has visited Tiki Iniki.
December 21, 2019, 3:32 PM
Great vibe with awesome decor. Outdoor porch area is great at night. Drinks were very tasty and well garnished. Very friendly service!
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