The Reef Bar

Palm Springs, CA
Bar & Restaurant
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411 E Palm Canyon Rd
Palm Springs, CA
Opened in February 2017
Mon-Fri 1pm-1am
Sat 10am-1am
Sun 10am-midnight
All ages

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The Reef Bar



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Decor 7.5
Drink Quality 7
Drink Selection 7.6
Food Quality 7
Food Selection 6.6
Mood 7.5
Music 8.4
Service 8.4
Tikiness 7.7
Tilt 7.9
Vibe 8

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Humuhumu’s description

The Reef Bar is within the Caliente Tropics Resort
Caliente Tropics Resort
Palm Springs, CA
Hotel/Motel & Bar
in Palm Springs, a historic tiki hotel that opened in 1964. After many years with the bar in flux, as of February 2017 it is under the management of Rory Snyder, perhaps best known as the organizer of the annual Tiki Caliente event at the Caliente Tropics. The bar has large windows and a patio overlooking the hotel's swimming pool, and rather than fight the light, Snyder aims to differentiate from the other tiki bars in town and create a space that blends the mid-century history of Palm Springs with the classic tiki elements on the grounds. A menu of tropical drinks and food is available.
The bar at the Caliente Tropics has changed names, theming, and management many times over the years. Originally, the bar was the Congo Room restaurant, a steakhouseótoday that name is applied to the restaurant at the front of the hotel. After the Congo Room years, the bar adopted its most-used Reef Bar name, and there was also a brief period in the late-'00s when it was Hawaiian Bill's
Hawaiian Bill's
Palm Springs, CA
Bar & Restaurant


RoxyBammBamm has visited The Reef Bar.
May 22, 2022, 10:01 PM
Absolutely loved our visit to The Reef. We were staying at the Caliente Tropics Resort and so we had a couple of the bar tenders and both were fabulous. Food was good, vibe was good, and the drinks were amazing. They even let us go off menu to order a Port Light!
Cheap bastard
Cheap bastard has visited The Reef Bar.
June 4, 2021, 9:42 AM
Great, great, great place! Decor and drink menu couldn't be better. There are mugs for sale and drinks are cheap. The overall property is awesome as well. The hotel, pool, and this great tiki bar make for a tiki oasis. Highly recommend
June 10, 2019, 10:18 AM
I LOVE The Reef and will always think of it as one of my favorite tiki bars. Now you cannot discount the fact that each of my Reef experiences has been embedded inside my experiences of Tiki Caliente, but never the less, I LOVE The Reef. No, the decor is not of the highest quality, but I LOVE IT. I love that it is dark by the bar, the old tikiesque videos playing on their tv, and I love the way some of the old nic nacs include Star Wars souvenirs. No, the drinks and selection are not the best, but you consider this bar is in the middle of The Caliente Tropics with a swimming pool right outside the door, and wow. Finally, each of the staff have been lovely. During Tiki Caliente it can be super crowded, but they soldier on providing us all with marvelous food and drink to sustain us through a very special and memorable Tiki event. We will be back to Palm Springs for a Tour de Tiki apart from Tiki Caliente, and I can't wait to go back to The Reef!
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