The Love Shack

Milwaukee, WI
Bar & Restaurant
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106 W Seeboth Street
Milwaukee, WI
Opened in June 2017
(718) 962-5639

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The Love Shack



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Everyone You
Decor 6.2
Drink Quality 6.1
Drink Selection 6.6
Food Quality 6.8
Food Selection 6.7
Mood 4.8
Music 4.1
Service 7.3
Tikiness 3.7
Tilt 5.3
Vibe 4.9

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Humuhumu’s description

The Love Shack opened at the end of June 2017 in the Walker's Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, in a location previously held by Wine Maniacs. It is owned by Michael Sorge, Wes Shaver, and Gary LaCourt. The name was inspired by the song by the B-52s; the owners hoped to capture the energy of the song in the space. It is advertised as a "tiki bar" but there are no recognizable tiki elements in the design of the space. There is a large riverside patio, and the decor is mostly plain, "modern" design with a few bold tropical elements. A small selection of traditional tiki drinks is offered alongside newer creations, and the food menu has high-end Polynesian-inspired fare.


jmaggio has visited The Love Shack.
September 12, 2019, 7:30 PM
Midwest Tiki
Midwest Tiki has visited The Love Shack.
August 5, 2017, 5:35 PM
I don't view this as being a tiki bar because it fails to feel at all like a tiki bar. The Love Shack is a modern Polynesian Restaurant that serves Tiki Drinks. From what I saw on the inside, it has a hint of a Polynesian feel, but mostly feels very much like a modern, trendy place. I ended up sitting outside with my companion and between the lamps and the palms on the waterfront, it felt very nice. The Mai Tai will disappoint all tiki enthusiasts (or anyone who has had one at Foundation, also in Milwaukee) based on the one I had, but I thought the The Pain Killer had a good balance between all of the flavors and had been garnished very well. I was also surprised by how many drinks were served in tiki glasses, including The Pain Killer and water. The waitress was wonderful and both myself and my companion enjoyed our food--I had the salmon poke and he had the beef skewers. The salmon poke did have a problem of some onions not being thoroughly sliced, but it was so delicious I actually stopped drinking my drink and just focused on all of the wonderful flavors in the bowl. The two things that did bother me (other than the Mai Tai) were how few people were drinking tiki drinks--although I will give props for how unique the beer selection is--and the music, which was pretty much all 80s rock and reggae. At some points, it actually took away from my experience and I probably would have been annoyed more if I didn't love The B-52s so much. It is a place I would return to again as a restaurant, but I think the owners need to either rethink the interior and work on the drinks, or bill themselves more so as a modern Polynesian restaurant.
Brittneyd has visited The Love Shack.
July 8, 2017, 11:21 AM
Had a party of 14 that originally was suppose to be seated outside, a sudden down pour came and we had to move inside.But there was another large party inside. Love shack is not a huge place so I was worried. Brad the host and my contact person was sooooo amazing at getting my group situated and accommodating us. Drinks were okay but small.the atmosphere was fun and mysterious the floral wall to ceiling light was an amazing touch to the portions were small but good we tried almost everything, shrimp and beef skewers with rice were my fav but the meatballs and scallops with spam rice were great too. The bartenders were personable, and had no problem creating tasty drinks that were not on the menu.
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