The Islands Restaurant

San Diego, CA
Bar & Restaurant
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2270 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA
Opened in 1964
Tue-Sat 5pm-9pm
Sun 10am-2pm
(619) 297-1101

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The Islands Restaurant



by 30 people



Everyone You
Decor 6.1
Drink Quality 4.9
Drink Selection 6.1
Food Quality 7
Food Selection 6.9
Mood 5.5
Music 5.1
Service 7
Tikiness 6
Tilt 5.5
Vibe 5.5

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Humuhumu’s description

The Islands Restaurant is situated in the former Hanalei Hotel
Crowne Plaza Hanalei Hotel
San Diego, CA
, now called the Crowne Plaza. This once-elaborate mid-century Polynesian restaurant was designed by George Nakashima along with Hendrick & Mock Architects, starting in 1964. It had an A-frame entrance from the hotel's courtyard, elaborate water features and lush surrounding landscaping, and was thoroughly and richly decorated inside. The restaurant featured lovely carved railings throughout, large glass float lights, and dramatic clam shell fountains. Some of the tikis here were salvaged from Steve Crane's Luau
The Luau
Beverly Hills, CA
Bar & Restaurant
in Beverly Hills.
Over the years, remodels of the restaurant (and surrounding hotel) gradually stripped the restaurant of its defining features. In November 2006, a six-month renovation of the restaurant began, which removed many of the waterfalls, fountains and other water features, along with nearly all of the tiki artifacts. The end result is now a fairly generic hotel restaurant, though some decor in the hallway outside remains intact.


The Baron
The Baron has visited The Islands Restaurant.
February 15, 2017, 10:20 PM
This place is worth visiting as far as lovers of classic Tiki are concerned. It's a generic hotel sushi bar, and the restaurant is lackluster... but it still has dope authentic islander and moari weapons and tikis on the walls. The fountain exterior is exemplary. This place is still worth a visit, but i doubt its worth the trouble for dining.
wayne-tiki-tiki has visited The Islands Restaurant.
April 18, 2014, 8:20 PM
The restaurant, as we knew it, is long gone, since about 2009. It's been converted to a café, and all the décor gutted. The only remnant is the water feature across the hall.
October 22, 2010, 11:34 PM
I want to go here! Please don't close before Spring Break :)
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