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The Inferno Room

Indianapolis, IN
Bar & Restaurant
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902 Virginia Ave
Indianapolis, IN
Coming in 2017
Not yet open, coming soon!
(317) 822-6757

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The Inferno Room


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Humuhumu’s description

The Inferno Room is slated to open sometime in 2017 in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis, in a building that previously held a Marion County courthouse. This is the creation of longtime tiki devotee Ed Rudisell, in partnership with his wife Sasatorn Rudisell and Chris Coy. The trio have a number of successful restaurants in the Indianapolis area. Rudisell aims to bring his passion for authentic mid-century Tiki to the city.
The drink menu and food menu will pay strong tribute to classic Polynesian restaurant menus, executed with quality in mind. The decor will play to the sense of danger and mystery in tiki, with a particular emphasis on fire. Rudisell is taking his time with the build-out, to ensure he can bring together the immersive space he desires.


April 28, 2019, 7:38 PM
This place is nothing short bit amazing! We went to Indy specifically to visit the Inferno Room and it did not disappoint! The drinks were top notch with Nikki and Eli.

I also can't say enough about the decor! The detail in every wall, corner, and flooring is amazing.

Highly recommend, definitely one not to miss if you are a tiki enthusiast!
March 5, 2019, 10:35 AM
Critiki is a bit behind in opening some of the newer tiki bars to reviews and visits. The Inferno Room is, indeed, open.

TIR is on par with the best tiki bars in the country. Ed Rudisell and Chris Coy took a paainstakingly long time to get it open and for a semi-regular customer, every second of waiting was worth it.

One of the most notable features was their decision to stay true to a specific Pacific Island culture. Their art pieces are stunning and are impressive in the singular inspiration of Papua-New Guinea.

As a successful restauranteur, you would expect great food from one of Ed's places and the Inferno Room doesn't disappoint. In fact the only complaint is that it would be great to have even more on the menu. I've tried everything and enjoyed it all... but don't miss the fried peanuts... or the pork lau lau... or the..... you get the picture. But best of all is their cocktail menu combined with an amazing range of rums to mix them. Now they may not have the number of bottles that Smuggler's Cove has ( blame the TTB and the US's archaic liquor laws for that) but they have everything worth having that is legal for them to get, and the drinks are fantastic. With a solid line-up of experienced bartenders, you are n ot likely to get a disappointing cocktail.

Go, go now. You'll love the Inferno Room.
January 9, 2019, 7:51 AM
We went shortly after their grand opening to see what the fuss was about and man, is it good. My wife and I ordered a selection of starters and entrees, as well as five drinks between us (three for me, two for her). They don't skimp on the booze, and they maintain a dogged dedication to the old-school feel of tiki while being creative and up to date on trends. HIGHLY recommend.
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