The Hunahuna Hut

Maricopa, AZ
Home Tiki Bar
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Maricopa, AZ
Opened in June 2016

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The Hunahuna Hut



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Decor 10
Drink Quality 10
Food Quality 10
Mood 10
Music 10
Service 10
Tikiness 10
Tilt 10
Vibe 10

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Humuhumu’s description

The Hunahuna Hut is the home tiki bar of James and Marshell Claycomb in Maricopa, Arizona, just south of Phoenix. They created the bar in a bedroom of their home in June 2016. "Hunahuna" is an old Marquesan term for "cleverly hidden." The room is a relaxing retreat, filled with the sounds of vintage Exotica albums, a fountain of trickling water, and the clank of classic rum cocktails. The Hunahuna Hut is wrapped in bamboo, lauhala, and carved wood pieces throughout. The bar also features a fiber optic starlight ceiling with overhanging vegetation. The freestanding bar and fully stocked backbar are enhanced by a wall designed to look like a dismantled ship interior. This nautical wall includes a tiki-appropriate monitor, hidden behind two portholes that display scenes of the setting sun along the coast of an exotic island.
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