The Holger Hut

Los Angeles, CA
Home Tiki Bar
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Los Angeles, CA
Opened in April 2017

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The Holger Hut


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Humuhumu’s description

The Holger Hut is a home tiki bar in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It was built in April 2017, in the space between the side of the owner's house and the bushes at the edge of the property. There is a 16-foot-long counter and a 42" service bar, with four bar stools and four benches to accommodate about 15-20 people. The tikis and decor were acquired from Oceanic Arts
Oceanic Arts
Whittier, CA
, and some were gifted by enthusiastic friends. The audio mood is set via a three-tier selection of sounds: a layering of ambient sounds (e.g. Caribbean Lagoon and Wood-Masted Ship records from the Environments series), tropical bird calls, and an ever-growing selection of exotica, calypso, hapa-haole, surf and space age bachelor pad music. The ambience is enhanced by color-changing lights, rain misters, and fog machines, which are triggered when special drinks are ordered. The effects are controlled via an application called Tribal Magic created by a friend of the owner, along with physical switches for bartender-triggered experiences. The owner started with throwing indoor parties, until they realized that the space alongside the outside of the house was wasted, and could be made much more fun. Monthly parties are hosted with a 12-drink menu and one punch, and the bar has developed into a fun space for friends to gather and share stories over delicious (and boozy) cocktails.
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