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Salt Lake City, UT
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2920 Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, UT
No longer in operation.

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Humuhumu’s description

This restaurant, along with Johnny's Tiki Hut
Johnny's Tiki Hut
Salt Lake City, UT
in Salt Lake City, was owned by Johnny Quong. Docky's Sports Club now sits on the spot.


Lucius13 has visited The Hawaiian.
May 23, 2019, 8:57 AM
Skinny 701 , Rainmaker.. God bless my fellow Salt Lakers for allowing me to reminisce my childhood days and visits to the Hawaiian in Salt Lake City.
My Dad was a Island Boy from Laie on Oahu North Shore. He played drums in the band that would perform and play for the dancers putting on a Luau style show.
I remember the excitement and Adventure Iíd feel upon entering the restaurant ...
As you walked along the front entrance there were tiki masks and torches along with small fountain or moat that would catch coins.
The interior decor could rival anything Disney might be able to imagine.
And YES , the Monsoon Thunderstorm, INTERMISSION was always a surprise to the diners .
This Town is in desperate need of some far away romantic adventure..
who wouldnít want to MAD MEN to a Tiki Bar or propose to his Sweetheart MAI TAI and Ring in hand, skinny 701 thatís a LOVE SONG.
The Hawaiian still has an Aloha place in my heart.
If myself or anyone can recreate or upgrade this Fun place ... Iíll be the greeter at the door wishing all
skinny701 was a semi-regular at The Hawaiian.
June 16, 2015, 6:50 PM
I was trying to find anything on the internet about the Hawaiian, and glad I did. I was looking for pictures, or anything. I miss the restaurant, and wish it were still around. My husband proposed to me there 30 years ago. He has passed away now and I only have found memories. I wish it was there so, I could have returned to visit, and let my children see how cool it is. The food was good, not gourmet, but the atmosphere and the huge tropical drinks were the best. Does anyone know what year it is was closed? Thank you for putting creating this website and letting me reminisce.
RainMaker was a regular at The Hawaiian, and was usually there when it was open 3x week.
April 2, 2009, 5:09 PM
Simply Stated, THE HAWAIIAN was a place of magic and legend. It was thematically "over the top" - especially for a city the size of Salt Lake. The menu was an eclectic mix of Hawaiian/Polynesian, Cantonese, and American Diner fare. The floor shows along with thunderstorm / hurricane / volcano were unparalelled for their time.

QUONG was the master of environmental theming and mood - more than he knew. THE HAWAIIAN was a large "black box" canvas in which he recreated a Polynesian Village - interior construction was classic bamboo, reed, and thatch crafted into various huts set against a nice mix of foliage and rough gunnite walls emulating Lava rock. His TIKI collection (some animated) was second to none. The interior adornments were classic exotica complete with customary glass float balls, outrigger canoes, puffer fish, novel bamboo lanterns (which all had an independent flicker mode a-la Disney), and rounding it out, he had many shields, spears, and carvings too.

Although Johnny Quong owned many restaurants in the Salt Lake area (BEACH BOY, PAPPA QUONGS, TIKI HUT, PIER 54, and even THE POLYNESIAN before Benny Chan bought it) THE HAWAIIAN was his crowning achievement. I shudder to think what it would cost to recreate in today's dollars. Sadly, it is gone and so is John and Mary Quong. I hope to one day create something like it!
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