The Breakers

Crystal Lake, IL
Bar & Restaurant
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7728 U S Highway 14
Crystal Lake, IL
Opened in 1949
Wed-Thu 4pm-10pm
Fri-Sat 4pm-11pm
Sun 4pm-9pm
Closed Mon, Tue
(815) 459 9860

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The Breakers



by 10 people



Everyone You
Decor 6.8
Drink Quality 5.3
Drink Selection 5.8
Food Quality 7.2
Food Selection 7.4
Mood 6.1
Music 5.5
Service 9.3
Tikiness 6.6
Tilt 6
Vibe 5.7

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Humuhumu’s description

The Breakers (sometimes called "Lenny's The Breakers") is a classic Tiki-Cantonese restaurant and bar in Crystal Lake, outside of Chicago. It opened in 1949, and has plenty of old school tiki-in-a-Chinese-restaurant touches, with a landscaped garden, bamboo and beachcomber lamps, tikis, and dim lighting, amidst newer layers of rope lights and Party City-style tropical bric-a-brac.
The food menu is typical midwest Cantonese fare, and a "Po-Po Platter" is on the appetizers menu. The cocktail list includes a Mai-Tai ("It's a secret") and a Navy Grog ("It's a stronger secret"), and other classic and less-classic tropicals. There are some Dynasty mugs and bowls in use, but you may have to ask nicely to get your drink in one.
On the weekends, you may find some live music, which often includes some Hawaiian standards.


TikiRick has visited The Breakers.
December 1, 2019, 8:17 AM
The Breakers is the oldest tiki bar in Illinois, which makes it worth the visit. The best feature is the Cantonese food. They have a good variety of selections. I had the curry chicken and it was excellent, and enough for leftovers the next day. Definitely will go back for the food!

The drinks were fairly disappointing, I'm sad to say. The mai tai is red and more fruit punchy than traditional. I also ordered a painkiller, which had too much pineapple. To their credit, the bartender did press me on if I liked it (she'd only made a few before) and I made a couple suggestions that she seemed to appreciate hearing.

The decor is a mix of traditional tiki and some more modern Party City-type trappings. I particularly liked the vintage wicker monkeys swinging from the lights by the bar.

The staff was very friendly. There were several customers whom where known to the staff, and they treated everyone very well. Besides the food, they were a reason to come back.

So overall, great food and service, and a decent tiki vibe out in the cornfields of northern Illinois.
Ruraltiki22 has visited The Breakers.
August 10, 2019, 10:22 PM
A great place in many respects. Great preserved historic tiki bar and restaurant. It has great potential for improvement. Family owned and operated. The owners have only had the place for 3 years and are willing to possibly explore more about the growing tiki culture for improvement and preservation. The drinks were pretty weak and the classic drinks not properly made. However, when asked, they did serve the drinks in tiki ware. The food was great classic Americanized Chinese food. Delicious and varied. So much better than your average Chinese restaurant. The decor had some really great features. The lamps and ceiling were especially awesome. Still has clean looking vintage rug/mats. The Scorpian bowl was served in a bowl that they have used probably since the 60's. I do think they seemed appreciative of the attention and tips on ramping up their tikiness and drink quality. I think that if more tikiphiles travelled here and supported them, it would go a long way toward positive change. Really friendly and great service. Some poker machines in a corner of the bar. Conclusion: definitely worth the visit for nostalgia/historic pilgrimage, the food, and the possibility that the place will improve with increased tiki patronage and encouragement.
Tonga Trader
Tonga Trader is a semi-regular at The Breakers.
April 17, 2018, 11:00 AM
Hadn't been to The Breakers in a bit. Didn't know the ownership changed or of the passing of the previous owner. It looks the same and we saw a couple familiar faces on staff. They redid the menu but it looks like mostly the same dishes with some new additions. The food was fresh and familiar. It's old school Cantonese, but definitely above average. The house made Crab Rangoons are killer. Had some of their trademark Mai Tais with rock candy swizzle, but in different glassware. Seems like they are trying to maintain the original vibe. A positive experience.
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