Tahiti Nui

Hanalei, HI
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5-5134 Kuhio Highway
Hanalei, HI
Opened in 1964
Daily 11am-10pm
(808) 826-6277

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Tahiti Nui



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Decor 6.2
Drink Quality 6.4
Drink Selection 5.9
Food Quality 6.8
Food Selection 6.5
Mood 6.4
Music 5.7
Product Quality 5.9
Product Selection 5.5
Service 7.4
Tikiness 6.6
Tilt 6.6
Vibe 6.3

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Humuhumu’s description

Bruce T. Marston was a Californian serving in Tahiti as a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. There, he met Louise, who was from Tubuai, just south of Tahiti. They fell in love, and moved to the town of Hanalei on the north side of the island of Kauai in Hawaii. There, in the summer of 1964, they opened Tahiti Nui.
Tahiti Nui became the go-to gathering place for Kauai's north shore, with musicians, hula dancing, and occasional singing from "Auntie Louise" Marston herself. Louise passed away in 2003, and Tahiti Nui is now run by Bruce and Louise's son, Christian. Tahiti Nui makes an appearance in the 2011 film The Descendants.
The restaurant serves a mix of Hawaiian seafood standards and Italian food. The drink menu is limited, but they do have their own Mai Tai recipe, which they've been serving since they first opened. They still have live music and hula dancing.
The walls are lined with lauhala matting and bamboo, with Oceanic art pieces hanging here and there. The small round tabletops are painted with Polynesian designs, and the barstools are carved tikis. There is a small curio shop attached to the restaurant.


Jthepburn76 has visited Tahiti Nui.
September 28, 2016, 7:58 PM
Totally old school. Loved it. Not particularly "tiki" but still had an awesome vibe to the building and thephotos on the walls. Very authentic and vintage feel. Loco Moco was delicious and so was the Mai Tai.
KukePuluke has visited Tahiti Nui.
March 10, 2016, 8:58 PM
Good pizza place, and our wedding officiant Koko plays music here.
January 24, 2016, 11:53 AM
The Nui has changed very little since Auntie Louise opened it. It may not be as "super tiki" as other places, but if you want to know what a neighborhood bar in Hanalei looked like in the 60s, this is it. Their drinks are fine (mai tais and lilikoi margaritas are my faves) and you can't go wrong with Kona beers on tap. The food is always good (especially the Ono rolls and the ahi carpachio). This fall, the owners decided to revamp the nightly music offerings, so Kanak Attack (the musicians featured in The Descendants) are no longer there. It can also be really crowded between 6 and 9 pm, so if you want to see live music or have a large group, get there early!
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