Stonehenge II

Ingram, TX
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120 Point Theatre Road
Ingram, TX
Opened in 1992
Daily from dawn until nightfall
All ages
(830) 367 5121

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Stonehenge II



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Humuhumu’s description

Stonehenge II is a public art installation that includes two massive moai. It was the creation of Al Shepperd and his neighbor Doug Hill. It was originally created in the early '90s on Shepperd's land eight miles away in Hunt, Texas. It all started with a large granite slab, which inspired Shepperd to build a replica of Stonehenge around it, mainly out of faux rock, using plaster on wire mesh frames. After his Stonehenge II was completed, he kept going, adding the two large fabricated moai to his property.
Shepperd passed away in 1994, and by 2010, the land was being sold and the attraction needed a new home. The Hill Country Arts Foundation stepped in, and had the whole thing moved to a riverside park location eight miles away in Ingram, Texas, where it stands today. The park is open free to the public every day, from dawn until nightfall.


Prikli Pear
Prikli Pear has visited Stonehenge II.
January 18, 2018, 11:13 AM
Stonehenge II with its standing stones and moai was nothing short of surreal, coming across it along a winding road in the Texas Hill Country. The incongruity was fantastic. Alas, since the installation has been moved (out of necessity) some of that unexpected weirdness has been lost, but it's still a fun roadside attraction.

Anyone looking for cocktails or a pupu platter here is going to leave disappointed.
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