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Tulsa, OK
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209 N Boulder Ave
Tulsa, OK
Opened in 2015
Daily 4pm-2am
(918) 794-9422

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Saturn Room



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Decor 8.8
Drink Quality 9
Drink Selection 9.1
Mood 9.4
Music 7.7
Service 9.4
Tikiness 8.7
Tilt 7.5
Vibe 9.3

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Humuhumu’s description

Saturn Room opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma in April 2015, in the Brady Arts District, a bit north of downtown. The bar is owned by Noah Bush, John Gaberino and Jeremy Reed, a team that has experience with craft cocktail bars. They've dived into tiki in a big way, with a space that's full of tikis, thatch-covered booths, and float lights. The drinks are served in tiki mugs, including a Chairman Mao mug with their logo. Their logo also shows up on a blue swizzle stick.


DesertTiki has visited Saturn Room.
August 10, 2017, 4:32 PM
Our visit to the Saturn Room started out a little bumpy, but the finish was excellent. As we walked up to the entrance we noted the busy outdoor seating area, not something I would associate with a tiki bar. But the umbrellas had a thatched grass look (no logos thankfully!) and the woven chairs and tables all fit in, along with several tikis and a bamboo fence. It was a beautiful night in Tulsa, so why not? We went inside, where the atmosphere was clearly put together with care. There were tikis, dim lighting from the float lights, great retro music playing, and even pufferfish lights and a velvet Elvis painting! We selected a booth and soon met our friendly server, who displayed a good knowledge of the drinks and tiki history. Our first drinks, a Mai Tai and a Never Say Die, were just fact, we eventually sent the Mai Tai back. The second attempt was much better. Our second drinks, a Cobra's Fang and a Jet Pilot, were spot on. The bar stayed busy throughout our visit, but service was great. Several tiki mugs were available for sale, but we purchased two Old Fashioned glasses: one with the house logo and a second with a dragon. We were glad that we changed our travel plans to stop in Tulsa, and we plan to return on next year's trip.
March 19, 2017, 12:31 PM
I spent four evenings at the Saturn Room and tasted all the tiki cocktails on the menu. Wow! If you want the authentic tiki experience, make the trip to Tulsa's tiki paradise! Great stock of premium rums. If you haven't tried any of Ed Hamilton's fantastic rums, here's your chance. All syrups are made in house. And if you're into coconut cream, it's made from scratch.

The menu is a mix of the classics and their own creations. Don't miss their signature Chairman Mao's Revival and take home the mug for a few dollars more. If you love Mezcal, treat yourself to a Smoke on the Water and the Mezcal Daisy. If you want to try something off the menu, they'll mix whatever you like.

My thanks to Gavin, Chloe, and Ian for a fantastic experience. Can't wait to get back to the Saturn Room!
mikehooker has visited Saturn Room.
March 8, 2017, 3:50 PM
I'm very surprised by all the high ratings here but maybe it's just cuz I was there on an off night... Or maybe the standards in Tulsa are just lower than other cities...

I made a point of stopping in Tulsa on my way back to Austin on a road trip and decided to get a hotel within walking distance of Saturn so I could explore their menu with reckless abandon and then stumble back to my room. I found out earlier that day it was Hanson fest weekend and downtown would be overrun with people. I walked to the bar along a nice trail beside the highway. The noise from the outdoor festival was loud from a mile away. As I got closer I saw that there was a stage literally right across the street from the bar and I actually had to enter the festival and go through a cordoned off area to get into the bar. I was hoping for a quiet, intimate visit but assumed it would be a mad house. Surprisingly, there were only a couple people on the patio and just one other group inside. So I grabbed a seat at the bar, took in my surroundings, and I gotta say, it was very disappointing. Some fish floats and a plethora of toothy grin home depot tikis. I would have been more impressed if they had spent their entire tiki budget on one or two quality carved pieces by a local or renowned artist than seeing 30+ generic ones. Overall there wasn't much decor to take in. And the big window to the patio was wide open so the music from the fest was blaring in.

I always enjoy sitting at the bar and conversing with my bartender to get to know their background, talk rum, tiki, and watch them in action. I wasn't really given the opportunity. I started with a Cobra's Fang. After it was served the bartender said to one of the barbacks he was going out for a smoke. He was gone well over 10 minutes. I had finished my drink before he returned to the bar. Drink was OK. Not bad, not great. Decent enough. When he finally came back I asked him what rums he used. He was like, "I dunno, it's like four rums, they batch it." But he went the extra mile to find out for me and confirmed it was actually only two rums. I'm fine with bars pre-batching ingredients to save time mixing drinks but was surprised the bartender wasn't aware of what rums went into the drinks he was making. It occurred to me this was just a job for him and he wasn't really into tiki or the craft.

Anyway, I sipped water for a bit figuring I was staying for the long haul and tried to chit chat but he wasn't really interested, even though I mentioned I had come up from Austin and was really exited to check the place out. The concert ended soon after and people started pouring into the bar. It got loud and obnoxious. The music they were playing in the bar was gawd awful. No Hawaiian or exotica as others have stated so I'm going to assume this isn't the normal playlist and they were just catering to the party crowd.

My bartender didn't pay me much mind once it got crowded so I ended up getting the attention of one of the other guys behind the bar to order my next drink. I couldn't decide what I wanted so I asked him what his favorite drink was. He said the Mai Tai. I got excited cuz that's one of my favorite drinks to make at home. I've stopped ordering them at most bars cuz they usually disappoint, but hey, if this guy loves theirs, I had to check it out. So wish I hadn't. I won't say it was the worst Mai Tai I've ever had (that distinction belongs to Tiki Tolteca) but it took me about 45 minutes to drink it. When I make a Mai Tai at home, it barely lasts four sips.

I was there just over an hour and was having a lousy time so decided to cut out. So much for my wild and crazy night. Perhaps the atmosphere is normally more inviting but I didn't think the drinks were great and the decor and staff left a lot to be desired.
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