Rummy's Polynesian House

Monocacy, PA
Bar & Restaurant
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Route 422
Monocacy, PA
Opened in the '60s
Closed in the early '80s
No longer in operation.

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Rummy's Polynesian House


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Humuhumu’s description

Rummy's Polynesian House was located in Lancaster County, an area full of Amish and other farming communities. The menu from this Polynesian restaurant features imagery lifted from other restaurants, including the Kon Tiki, and the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The restaurant had tiks, a large fish tank, plenty of bamboo and pufferfish lamps. The restaurant probably opened some time in the '60s, and closed in the early 1980s when its owner passed away. The building was unused for a few years, later re-opening as a bar; today it is a strip club called "Baby Dolls." Menus and matchbooks from Rummy's list its location as simply being on Route 422 in Monocacy; today's modern address for this spot is 395 Ben Franklin Hwy in Douglassville. A menu also lists what appears to be a second location, in nearby Douglassville (so nearby that the "Monocacy" location today is in the now-grown Douglassville), on a nowhere-to-be-found Route 2.


December 18, 2008, 8:35 AM
I never knew this place back when it was Rummy's, but I recently went in the modern incarnation of Baby Dolls after a nearby golf tournament (I was looking for a friend-- honest LOL). It's a shame to imagine this joint was once a thriving tiki bar, because when you walk in now it's a rathole... the floors are unpainted particle board, the bar furniture looks like it was bought off the auction block, and the lighting is so poor you to try to hide all this stuff that you have to stand still for 10 seconds when the door closes behind you coming in so your eyes can adjust enough to see where the bar is. It looks like somebody spent a whopping $800 to remodel the entire bar and did all the work themselves. What a shame.