Royal Hawaiian

Laguna Beach, CA
Bar & Restaurant
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331 N Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA
Opened in 2016
Mon-Wed 2:30pm-10pm
Thu 2:30pm-11pm
Fri 2:30pm-midnight
Sat 10am-midnight
Sun 10am-10pm
(949) 715-1470

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Royal Hawaiian



by 37 people



Everyone You
Decor 8.3
Drink Quality 8.2
Drink Selection 8.1
Food Quality 8
Food Selection 7.5
Mood 7.1
Music 5.7
Service 8.5
Tikiness 7.6
Tilt 7.8
Vibe 7.4

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Humuhumu’s description

This modern tiki bar and restaurant opened in 2016, but it's carrying on a strong tiki tradition in Laguna Beach. It occupies the same site as local tiki landmark Royal Hawaiian
Royal Hawaiian
Laguna Beach, CA
Bar & Restaurant
, which was entirely gutted in 2006. The new owners, Mo Honarkar and daughters Hasty and Nikisa, are working to bring back a fully-decorated Royal Hawaiian with the help of Bamboo Ben
Bamboo Ben's Showroom
Huntington Beach, CA


retrolandia has visited Royal Hawaiian.
July 23, 2017, 12:34 AM
I never saw the Royal Hawaiian's original incarnation, but let me say that it looks awesome. It has a great vintage look and feel, even though sharp-eyed tikiphiles will know the interior isn't old.

I have a friend who has been coming here since she was a child. She assures me that ALL of the drinks on the menu are strong (as with Trader Sam's, there are also a few mocktails for the non-drinkers). The food is a mix of tiki and Asian.

This place is so small (and popular) that reservations are a VERY good idea. We were lucky to get in without one by going early, but next time we'll call ahead.

If you park in the valet lot, bring in your ticket - they'll validate!
DoktorTiki has visited Royal Hawaiian.
July 6, 2017, 1:40 PM
Coming in to the new version of the Royal Hawaiian was the highlight of our trip to SoCal and of the 9 Tiki spots we visited. It is our new favorite. We had several drinks and all were just great. Our service was attentive, friendly and excellent overall. The food from appetizers to desert was delicious and well priced. There was great music. The decor was a mix of modern and classic tiki, open and bright not dark like a cave. The volume even when it was full was comfortable so that you could have a pleasant conversation and hear the music at the same time. We would be in every night if we lived nearby.
TookieMonster is a semi-regular at Royal Hawaiian.
May 18, 2017, 5:40 PM
Recent speaks with the bar hint at better bar tending to come. They really are trying to get a Tiki rep started, and doing quite well. Beware!! Summer Parking Will Be An Issue!! Valet or park and walk.
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