Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge

Minneapolis, MN
Bar, Rental Facility & Restaurant
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1900 Marshall St NE
Minneapolis, MN
Opened in November 2010
Mon-Wed 11am-midnight
Thu-Fri 11am-1am
Sat 10am-1am
Sun 10am-midnight
(612) 788-9069

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Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge



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Everyone You
Decor 8.4
Drink Quality 7.3
Drink Selection 8.1
Food Quality 7.3
Food Selection 7
Mood 7.5
Music 6.4
Service 7.5
Tikiness 8.2
Tilt 8.2
Vibe 7

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Humuhumu’s description

In November 2010, Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge moved from their original location
Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge
Minneapolis, MN
Bar & Restaurant
to this much larger space, just down the street and now right on the Mississippi River.
The main level includes a restaurant and bar, and a large patio overlooking the river. There are large carved posts and tikis, and walls lined with lauhala matting and and carved wooden tchotchkes. On weekends, house band Exotik-a-Go-Go plays Exotica music, and the upstairs area is open. The upstairs, Shangri-La, has three distinct themed bars: the Shrunken Head, Forbidden Cove, and Ports of Pleasure. Each of the upstairs bars can be rented out for private events.


KillDevilJones has visited Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge.
November 6, 2017, 12:54 PM
Went on a pretty mellow Sunday afternoon and the upstairs bar was closed, but plenty of parking. Fun decor for Halloween, but the fountain was off. Great tiki mug collection around the room downstairs and the drink were fantastic. Fave was the Old Headhunter (I think it was called). Wonderfully balanced! Food was ok. Midwest comfort with a smaller Pu-Pu section of the menu. I liked it. If you're in the area, check it out. THey also have a local artist who does their own tiki mug- the Ports of Pleasure. They were sold out of the other one- the Psycho Suzie, perhaps?
PuaKeiki has visited Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge.
August 17, 2017, 12:45 PM
This seems to be a really popular place. We visited for a couple hours to eat and sample drinks. We were stationed out on the expansive deck area, really cool overlooking the river. Lots of plants, a few water features and some carvings. Too hot to eat inside, but the mood and tikiness where better there. The upstairs was closed. Drinks(the Psycho Suzi was really good) were alot better than the food(needed polynesian options). I'm just spoiled living driving distance(5hrs) from the SF Bay Area and all the wonders there.
Corbin has visited Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge.
May 18, 2017, 5:31 AM
Very average on all levels. It's nice, but not worth a trip on it's own. Even though it's a big restaurant, it's very busy on weekends and parking is hard to find (They have a small free parking lot, but it's always packed) Large staff, so service is a mixed bag. Upstairs bars are worth a look.
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