Ports of Call

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bar & Restaurant
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1145 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Opened in 1963
Closed in 1975
No longer in operation.

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Ports of Call



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Humuhumu’s description

Ports of Call was a restaurant with many differently-themed rooms, including one Polynesian area, Bali Hai. Ports of Call operated from 1963 until 1975; in 1977 the restaurant became "The Ports" and operated under that name until 1983. Bali Hai likely didn't survive the change from Ports of Call to The Ports. In 1983, the building was demolished to make way for office buildings.


April 4, 2015, 8:10 PM
I went to Ports of Call in 1966 when I was a very bright observant and impressionable nine year old from a town outside Chicago. The occasion was my family's first vacation trip to the Georgian Bay, but first, we had to stop and see my father's Aunt Florence who lived within walking distance of Ports of Call on Baker Street in Toronto. I wasn't a complete stranger to swank, but my father protested vociferously when she wanted to take us all to dinner there because of the expense. She won out and I remember I was glad because the place looked very cool and posh to me from the outside. AS I recall, there was a small flight of wrought iron steps up or down to the restaurant, and upon entering, there was a dark tropical atmosphere and a wooden footbridge across running water. We were greeted and escorted across the water to one of the rooms, all tricked out with shells, nets, floats, tikis and who knows what. They gave us huge menus and we kids got drinks with umbrellas. I have no idea what we ate but I know my dad mellowed out so he must have had one of the rum drinks. I absolutely never forgot my visit to Ports of Call, and when I finally revisited Toronto in 2009, I think it was (Michael Jackson died while I was there)I went back there to show my husband my long-deceased Aunt's former home and to see if by some long shot Ports of Call was still there. Of course it was not. I was thinking about Ports of Call tonight, don't know why, and found this website. That's when I suddenly realized that Ports of Call was my very first Tiki Place ever. In my youth, I always loved a tiki place and gravitated to them. I still do. In Chicago I hit Don the Beachcomber, Trader Vic's, and House of Tiki repeatedly. Just a couple of years ago I went to Disney World in Orlando where we visited Polynesian Village and ate at their Polynesian Restaurant with fire, meat on a spit, drinks afire and semi naked dancing men. Really pretty good. Tiki is alive and well in Las Vegas, but thanks, Toronto, for being the first to turn me on to it.
October 2, 2012, 10:55 AM
This is so very, very sad considering the fact that there are NO tiki restaurants or bars in Toronto today. Canada's largest city, and very few even know what tiki is. :'-(