Polynesia Supper Club

Waupaca, WI
Bar, Hotel/Motel & Restaurant
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Hwys 22 & 54
Waupaca, WI
No longer in operation.

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Polynesia Supper Club


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Humuhumu’s description

Polynesia Supper Club had a large tiki on its sign, exterior tiki torches, and included a bar, restaurant and motel.
The exact location of this restaurant is a bit ambiguous -- the address of "Hwys 22 & 54" was probably specific when this restaurant was operating, but today these highways appear to overlap.


February 21, 2012, 4:48 PM
I have been looking for a picture of this place forever! I remember going here when I was a kid with my parents and grandparents. My grandma and grandpa were VERY big into anything and everything Hawiian. They had a stereo system throughout their entire house, and all they listened to was Hawaiian music. They actually visited Hawaii several times. And not once did they bring me back a tiki!! For some reason I think there may have been some type of water you had to cross over on a little bridge as soon as you walked inside. It was located where the vacant lot/Hardees on Fulton St. is in Waupaca. At night the torches were lit. It was a really cool place.