North Shore Lagoon

Bothell, WA
Bar, Restaurant & Themed Attraction
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18607 Bothell Way NE
Bothell, WA
Opened in 2015
Mon-Thu 11am-11pm
Fri-Sat 11am-midnight
Sun 11am-11pm
(425) 398-0122

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North Shore Lagoon



by 32 people



Everyone You
Decor 8.6
Drink Quality 8.3
Drink Selection 7.7
Food Quality 7.9
Food Selection 6.9
Mood 8.3
Music 7.7
Service 8
Tikiness 7.5
Tilt 8
Vibe 7.9

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Humuhumu’s description

North Shore Lagoon is part of McMenamins Anderson School complex, and opened on October 15, 2015. The Anderson School is no longer a school. It opened in 1931 as Bothell Junior High School, and now lives on as a collection of attractions: a hotel, a brewery, a movie theater, restaurants, bars, and with the North Shore Lagoon, a swimming pool and tiki bar.
The tiki bar is decorated in traditional style, with lots of bamboo, distressed wood and driftwood, and pufferfish, bamboo and tapa cloth lamps. The soundtrack includes Exotica classics. The tiki bar overlooks the swimming pool. There is an extensive spirits list, including over 80 rums. The tropical cocktails are made with the classic recipes, including a Mai Tai, Zombie and Suffering Bastard.
If you'd like to swim in the pool, it is open to non-hotel guests for 2-hour open swims during the day; at the very beginning and end of the day swimming in the pool is for hotel guests only.


spiltbeerpirate has visited North Shore Lagoon.
October 8, 2018, 11:25 PM
Found the decor to be above average, and the food was really good. But the drinks and service were seriously lacking. The menu listed specific by label ingredients (such as Appleton VX rather than Jamacian Rum). Although i was at first impresed that they did this, i became upset when the drinks arrived and the clearly werent using the ingredients listed. As a good tikiphile, I have a home bar will and often make drinks with the exact labels they listed on their i know what they taste like and that they were missing or swapped out. I think that similar to Clifton's that the bartenders rotate from other bars of different themes on site. Im not sure if the guy behind the stick had ever even made a mai tai before. He was just using "pre-mixes" and adding rum. But had know level of experience to know what these drinks should look and taste like. Was probably used to just serving beer at the next bar over. When called out for the mistake, they became defensive and argumentative. Very dissapointing.
Tiki Monkey
Tiki Monkey has visited North Shore Lagoon.
January 8, 2018, 4:40 PM
The decor is amazing, 10+ there. Good service and it's fun that it has a view of the pool. Very popular with families which is nice to see as a parent, there seemed to be a lot of people have celebration dinners. The Hawaii 5-0 burger didn't agree with me and I had a very icy pina colada. Had to go to the gift shop across the parking lot to get a mug, which was annoying and they didn't honour the discount the waitstaff said I'd get for buying a drink. I'm glad to have seen it and the decor is amazing. If I lived in the immediate area I'd give it another try, but I don't know if I'll go out of my way on my next trip to WA.
Missmaelaroux has visited North Shore Lagoon.
November 16, 2017, 1:58 PM
McMenamins is a company that reclaims historical buildings in danger of being demolished, saves them by repurposing them filling them with restaurants, bars, theatres and other family friendly gathering places. It even has an Olympic sized pool. The community reached out to them hoping to have it saved. Saved it they did! North Shore Lagoon has a bit more of a multi cultural twist on a tiki bar while still maintaining the tiki mood that youd want in a tiki bar, right down to surf rock/exotica music, dim lighting and repurposed woods and bamboos as far as the eye can see from all over the world. They offer a great menu of quality food. But most importantly the cocktails- FABULOUS. My Zombie was wonderful and they have a HUGE rum selection. Noah offered me tremendous service and even gave me an oral tour though the bar telling me where all the woods and sculptures came from. I could not be more happy I drove an hour round trip out of my way to check this off of my Critiki list.
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