Mauna Loa Bar Hawaiano

Madrid, Spain
Bar & Restaurant
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Plaza de Santa Ana, 13
Madrid, Spain
Daily 7:30pm-2:30am
91 429 70 62

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Mauna Loa Bar Hawaiano



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Everyone You
Decor 6.6
Drink Quality 6
Drink Selection 6.8
Food Quality 4.8
Food Selection 4.8
Mood 6.5
Music 5.1
Service 6.2
Tikiness 5.5
Tilt 6.8
Vibe 6.1

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John Raccoon
John Raccoon has visited Mauna Loa Bar Hawaiano.
October 28, 2018, 10:08 AM
The place is classic spanish crappy tiki-thematic bar.

It has good tiki decor as all those similar places in Spain.

Drinks are not tiki, same liquid crap in same porcelan spanish mugs as other similar places in Spain. Olives and nuts and chocolates were served together with drinks.

Disrespectfully they are using some of the names of classic tiki cocktails for their worthless liquids.

Staff is fairly friendly and English is spoken.

It's the almost only spanish tikibar where I could hear hawaiian music, modern style of it, but still hawaiian, even though every second (or so) song was far from tiki and the time I happened to leave they played Spice Girls!

Aquariums with water and fish and turtles in it.

Not much worth to visit, but if you do, order Cocoloa, coconut drink which is popular for locals.
August 13, 2018, 4:04 AM
Mauna Loa may not be the perfect Polynesian themed place, but I love it. It's over 40 years old, huge, has birds flying around, nice fountains, and aquariums, music is good. Drinks are so so, but it's fun and tacky and has history and you SHOULD GO!
Blueguerilla has visited Mauna Loa Bar Hawaiano.
September 22, 2016, 1:46 AM
The decor here looks cheap and tacky. Furniture looks like stained rattan lawn furniture. Yeah some aquariums, and a big bird cage upstairs, but overall not well done, and some of it looks like it is falling apart.
Staff was inattentive, drinks were sub-par, I didn't bother with the food.
If you're in Madrid, the trip to Bora Bora is worth it, much better tiki bar.
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