Mata Hari Bar

Zurich, Switzerland
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Langstrasse 237
Zurich, Switzerland
Opened in 2004
Tue-Thu 5pm-3am
Fri 5pm-4am
Sat 7pm-4am
+41 43 205 22 50

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Mata Hari Bar



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Everyone You
Decor 7.8
Drink Quality 8.9
Drink Selection 7.1
Mood 8.4
Music 5.4
Service 9.4
Tikiness 7.6
Tilt 9.1
Vibe 8.5

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Humuhumu’s description

Mata Hari Bar has been in the Gewerbeschule quarter of Zurich since 2004. The room is ringed with plush red velvet seating, with walls lined in bamboo. The bar back is flanked by two large, carved tikis.


July 9, 2019, 12:55 PM
Total surprise! Had a great time a few months back, ordered about 8 different drinks all of which were quite good.

Started to chat up the bartenders about being big Tiki fans and they lit right up, was even planning on buying them a round but they beat my table to it and brought out a couple of shots on the house.

They are a rock bar, so get ready for a lot of Pearl Jam and Queens of the Stone Age, but their enthusiasm for Tiki and quality of drinks make this place really great.
Blueguerilla has visited Mata Hari Bar.
October 21, 2017, 2:17 AM
Great little Tiki bar! Staff were awesome, very attentive and friendly, with well-mixed drinks. Selection was smaller than some places, but bartender was knowledgable and willing to offer up recommendations. Music was mainstream rock, but it actually fit the vibe there well. No house mug, but they said they are working on making that happen, so I've got another reason to go back next time I'm in Zurich!
Tikiprincess has visited Mata Hari Bar.
October 12, 2017, 10:57 AM
Love the staff, the drinks, the decor and the music! A must visit in zurich
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