Martell's Tiki Bar

Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Bar & Restaurant
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308 Boardwalk
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Daily 10am-2am
(732) 892-0131

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Martell's Tiki Bar



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Everyone You
Decor 5.8
Drink Quality 3.9
Drink Selection 4.2
Food Quality 5.3
Food Selection 4.1
Mood 4.2
Music 2.6
Service 8
Tikiness 4.2
Tilt 4.6
Vibe 1.9

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Humuhumu’s description

Martell's Tiki Bar is a prime example of the confusion that has arisen between midcentury Polynesian Pop (which Critiki focuses on) and muddled, any-tropical-will-do, anything-with-thatch-is-tiki "Tiki Bars."
This is the latter a bar focused on steel drums, Jimmy Buffett and Corona and the WRONG BODY OF WATER. While Caribbean influences have always been present in Polynesian Pop (rum, calypso), this is completely missing the mark. There is little or no tiki to be had here.
It hurts me that Martell's owns "". They're completely within their rights, but... ugh.


Ohmsford has visited Martell's Tiki Bar.
April 6, 2017, 12:01 PM
It makes me angry that they call themselves a tiki bar. Those not in the know, think they are getting something special. The only thing special here is that it sits on the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I could do the same standing in the sand. Typical mis-use of the name in current pop-culture capitalize on name branding. The MaiTais are red, need I say any more...
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