Lilo Lounge

San Francisco, CA
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1469 18th Street
San Francisco, CA
Opened in the late '90s
Closed in the early 2000s
No longer in operation.

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Humuhumu’s description

Lilo Lounge was an early modern tiki bar in Potrero Hill that opened sometime before the end of 1996. It quickly became a hotspot during the first dot-com boom, and particularly attracted the early tiki scene in the San Francisco area. The dot-com bust took Lilo Lounge with it, and it closed in 2001. The space later became Lingba
San Francisco, CA


KevinCrossman has visited Lilo Lounge.
May 31, 2018, 7:14 PM
This was my review from 1999 on my Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai site:
The LiLo is a great piece of shlock-exotica that everyone should experience.

Our $6 Mai Tai was served in a very large glass and topped with dark rum as well as an umbrella, cherry, and orange slice. The rum was strong but not overly palatable. Though the cherry tasted great, the Mai Tai had lots of pineapple juice and was a pretty bad mix. Just not a very good Mai Tai.

The LiLo did better in the atmosphere department. The place is literally faux Hawaiiana at its finest. The tables were made to look like were carved stone, and bamboo hut roof lined the tables along the walls. Hawaiian paintings hand on the wall, and rattan chairs were in evidence and comfortable. The bar itself was heavy on the bamboo with a corrugated aluminum roof. On top of the bar roof sat several stylized wood tikis. Blue lights behind the bar helped created a great atmosphere and the Stone Gods at the end of the bar were perfect.

Some very nice Latin-flavored exotica and bongo music played as I relaxed at my table. Suddenly a young woman approached to ask what I was doing. She seemed strangely interested in my unhealthy fascination with the topic at hand and asked me lots of questions about the website and the purpose of my quest.

The LiLo is a bit out of the way, and it is up on Potrero Hill. But, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the quaint residential neighborhood and the great time to be had. Avoid the Mai Tai, but stay for the atmosphere.

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