Laka Lono Rum Club

Omaha, NE
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1204 Howard St
Omaha, NE
Opened in October 2016
Daily 5pm-2am

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Laka Lono Rum Club



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Everyone You
Decor 8.7
Drink Quality 8.7
Drink Selection 7.8
Mood 8.7
Music 7.5
Service 9.6
Tikiness 8.3
Tilt 8.2
Vibe 8

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Humuhumu’s description

Laka Lono opened in October 2016, in the Old Market neighborhood of Omaha, Nebraska. The elaborately themed space is divided into two rooms: a main bar room, and a "cave room" with a second bar, booths and other seating, and a large waterfall. The whole space is covered in bamboo, thatch and lauhala, with some large tikis. The menu is a mix of classic tiki drinks and originals.


Akela Akoni
Akela Akoni has visited Laka Lono Rum Club.
October 1, 2018, 12:41 PM
We really liked the Laka Lono; the drinks are really the highlights, even though the decor was great too. Nice and attentive bartenders. Very fast service.
Funkthulhu is a semi-regular at Laka Lono Rum Club.
March 14, 2018, 1:55 PM
Finally! I had a chance to visit our own slice of mid-century polynesia here on the Great Plains. Opening this past October the Rum Club is our first “real” tiki bar in some decades.

Laka Lono took me to a special place and had me giggling like a crazy person for several hours. The decor is amazing with ample fixtures, rattan panel walls, masks, globes, and a blue-dyed smooth cement floor that shimmers. The drinks were outstanding, well made, and excellently presented. I met the captain and found him to be quite friendly and inviting. (He’s also a fan of lovecraftian horror, I discovered!)

Laka Lono is in the Old Market of eastern Omaha. Those familiar with the area will find it around the corner from Blue Sushi, or about half a block East of The Imaginarium. Their huge tiki-face sign is currently on the ground, but when hung it will be very obvious what lurks below. The oasis is actually sublevel; you will need to navigate some shallow but wide stairs to the basement level of the block. Big windows lit from the atmosphere within invite you further. A very large man will meet you at the door, our doorman as it were. (get that man an Aloha Shirt!) Obviously, IDs will be needed and we do have to monitor how many enter. There is very limited standing room available in the bar and bar seating is a prime commodity. As a result, the management has made efforts to ensure everybody has a grand experience by not over-crowding the place. We arrived early for a Saturday (about 7:30pm) and we had our pick of the place. A larger back room has a large totem holding up the ceiling on one end and a “mermaid cove” on the other, as well as a back-up bar. If memory serves, there were perhaps a dozen-odd tables/booths that could accommodate groups of 4 up to 10 or more for the big table. There were also several alcoves and tall tables for two. Also, another dozen or so single spots at the bar.

The lighting is adequate for the mood, but subtle; the music is on theme but not overpowering. The drinks were amazing, and hands down the best I’ve yet sampled. (Forgive me, we don’t get much cool stuff ‘round here) My first was the smoked rum old fashion, which is brought to the table in a crystal skull filled with a flammable vapor. Once the cork is popped at the table it is lit and a lot of Oo’s and Aa’s commence as it burns down to the liquid. The result is then poured over ice and is like licking the greatest rum-burned campfire. My cohort sampled several herself which I tasted and these were also excellently prepared and presented. I had to finish off with a Zombie, which was amazing. As expected, it was prepared such that you could have lied and said it didn’t have many jiggers of rum and I’d have believed you until my cheeks flushed.

In the end we spent nearly 2 hours being entertained and by 9pm there was a line at the door. Every flavor of Nebraskan humanity was waiting eagerly to get inside and have fun. If you come on a weekend I suggest coming early. I for one will be returning as often as my time and pocketbook allow. (thankfully it’s an hour drive for me, or I’d be broke already!)

Final note, they are having oversized group-drink tiki “mugs” made to design, two are already available with two more on the way. They start with 2-4 patrons in a giant clam, 3-5 around a flaming volcano bowl, and upwards! I’m sure when the kraken holding a champagne bottle is completed it will serve up to 10? I can’t wait to drag in enough friends for us all to suck on one of those!
KillDevilJones has visited Laka Lono Rum Club.
March 12, 2018, 7:01 PM
We were there when the doors opened and the staff was ready to roll. Charles greeted us and told us we were free to walk around and check the place out. Very knowledgeable . He whipped up our drinks like a pro. The place is so cool and made even more so by being underground. Had a couple glasses for sale and a big beautiful bowl, which I now regret not buying. But there will be another Laka Lono visit in my future. The tiki gods demand it. Do yourself a favor and show up early. Then, stay late.
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