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Trotwood, OH
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4100 Salem Ave.
Trotwood, OH
Opened in 1968
No longer in operation.

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Humuhumu’s description

The Kon-Tiki Theatre opened in August 1968, the first movie that showed there was "The Odd Couple" starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. The structure was a mix of Asian and Polynesian influences; there were illuminated tiki masks on the outside of the building, lava rock and abalone on the exterior, and giant clamshell sinks in the restrooms. It was owned by the Levin Theater Company chain. It had one screen when it opened, and two more screens were added over the years, at which point it was re-named Kon-Tiki Cinemas 1-2-3.
In 1987, the theater was leased to another company, who renamed it the Salem Avenue Cinemas. Over time, there was extensive damage to the building, due to vandals breaking in, and some busted water pipes that left a nasty mold problem. In the end, the Levins (who still owned the property) donated the Kon-Tiki to the city of Trotwood. The city demolished the building on January 5, 2005, to allow the space to be redeveloped.