Kon Tiki Lounge

Tucson, AZ
Bar & Restaurant
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4625 East Broadway
Tucson, AZ
Opened in 1961
Mon-Thu 11am-1am
Fri-Sat 11am-2am
Sun 11am-midnight
(520) 323-7193

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Kon Tiki Lounge



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Decor 9.8
Drink Quality 6.1
Drink Selection 8.1
Food Quality 6.4
Food Selection 7.4
Mood 8.8
Music 5.7
Service 8
Tikiness 9.5
Tilt 8.8
Vibe 7.1

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Humuhumu’s description

The Kon Tiki Lounge (no relation to the Steven Crane Kon-Tiki chain) is a classic original tiki bar. Open since 1961, the Kon Tiki Lounge has seen modern-day Tucson grow up around it on all sides. It is tucked back a bit on its busy street, surrounded by strip malls and small office buildings. The small-looking building feels a bit out-of-place. There is an almost lush little garden area out front, with tikis and a small "water feature" -- Tucson's arid climate wouldn't easily support a pond, so a tiled mosaic pond is in its place, with a small walkable bridge over it. To the left of the building is a great old Milan Guanko tiki.
Inside, the restaurant is dark and mysterious, with no windows, and much of the original decor still in place. A former aviary behind the bar is a jarring flash of light -- it used to house parrots, then a lizard cage, now it is used as an outdoor patio space. Large bamboo, gorgeous light fixtures, and tikis aplenty are throughout. The room is structured with smaller sub-rooms encased by bamboo and thatch dividers, giving a feeling of coziness and mystery.
The menus are standard fare for an old tiki bar -- barbecue ribs & similar items for food, and lots of tropical drinks (though a bit on the sweet & sugary side).
Today, the Kon Tiki's future continues to look very bright. It has been kept open through the years with a never-ending supply of college kids who love the place and keep it packed on weekends. These people are who we have to thank for keeping the place alive, but it's a bit more enjoyable when visited earlier in the day or on a weeknight, when the music is more in keeping with the environs and the place isn't so packed with bodies that the decor can't be seen.
In recent years the management has been working on spiffing up the place, while keeping it classic. The Kon Tiki now has their own tiki mug, designed for the Milan Guanko tiki outside, and has undergone some sprucing up courtesy of Bamboo Ben. A new Bamboo Ben bar looks like it has always been there.

How to find it

It's easy to miss it, as it is set back from the street a fair bit, and shielded by palm trees. The iconic sign is also set back, but keep your eyes peeled for it.


The Kon Tiki Lounge is fronted by a large shared parking lot.


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Cheap bastard
Cheap bastard has visited Kon Tiki Lounge.
January 25, 2017, 6:56 AM
This place is awesome. Not enough can be typed here to describe just how awesome the decor, food, drinks, service, and tikiness of this place. It's just simply one of the best places I've been to. The locals at the bar were very welcoming. They have souvenir mugs with their name on the back and even have limited edition mugs as well.
Cretin90 has visited Kon Tiki Lounge.
December 26, 2016, 7:17 PM
This place is a survivor, and a true Polynesian restaurant
The entrance is very cool, with torches, a bridge and great decor. Inside is epic. Every square inch is well thought out---cool paper prints, wood, bamboo, grass, wtc. The eating areas are true bahooka style..super cool. The drinks are very strong, which I like .very cool olace....don't miss it.
Tiki Kiki
Tiki Kiki has visited Kon Tiki Lounge.
August 13, 2016, 10:36 PM
Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. Skip the sickeningly sweet drinks and kick back and enjoy a beer instead. The drinks are obviously catered to the newly 21 crowd not the tikiphile crowd. The inside is very tiki though. Lots of cool things to look at. Did not order food so cant comment on that. I was there on a Saturday night and it was packed full of people, but it is a very large place so it didnt feel too crowded. Probably the largest tiki bar I have been to. Parking was easy. The bartenders were working their butts off and were quick to take our order. The drink menu was very extensive, but of the 4 drinks we got we just couldn't even take more than a few sips. Way too sweet. Its kind of hard to mess up a Painkiller and even that wasn't all that great. Go for the decor not the drinks. Get a mug though!
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