Kilauea Cove

Seattle, WA
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Seattle, WA
Opened in August 2016

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Kilauea Cove



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Decor 10
Drink Quality 10
Food Quality 10
Mood 10
Music 9
Service 10
Tikiness 10
Tilt 10
Vibe 10

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Humuhumu’s description

Kilauea Cove is the home tiki bar of Mark Boszko in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The bar was created in August 2016. It is in a common area in the center of the basement of his home, adjacent to a home theater screening room.
The walls are covered in reed fencing and bamboo trim, with additional carved and stained trim around the laundry room door. Custom liquor shelves were made for the corner, and the nook features shelves for the tiki mugs that have bamboo edges made to fit. A 12" amber fish float lamp hangs near the liquor shelves. The mugs hang over a small rolling bar cart. Some small fish floats, simulated torches, framed exotica albums, prints by Shag and Dawn Frasier, and tiki bar menus decorate the space.
The most dramatic feature of the room, which inspired the room's name, is an elaborate special effects volcano. Addressable RGB LED strips adorn the front and back of each tiki mug shelf, hidden from direct view by the bamboo edging. More LEDs hide inside rattan balls hung above the nook. These LEDs, in combination with a smoke generator and a sound chip, are all controlled by a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. During “idle” mode, there is soft lighting and soothing island sounds. A button on the control panel switches into “mix” mode, where the lights below the bottom shelf get bright enough to allow Mark to see what he's mixing on the top of the bar cart. When guests come over, a safety switch can be toggled to allow the use of the red button to trigger “eruption” mode, and start the animated light, sound, and smoke extravaganza.
The bar gets used most often for mixing drinks to be consumed while watching a move in the adjacent theater, but guests also tend to give the volcano a workout.
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theevanshow is a semi-regular at Kilauea Cove.
April 7, 2017, 2:02 PM
I've felt relaxed, comfortable, happy here on the occasions I've gotten to visit. So good. I recommend checking out the volcano writeup at the joint's website, too.
dmessent is a semi-regular at Kilauea Cove.
April 7, 2017, 9:40 AM
This place is fantastic. Tip your server and you'll be treated to a special "Volcano Show" that'll shake you to your core.

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