Hidden Harbor

Pittsburgh, PA
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1708 Shady Ave
Pittsburgh, PA
Opened in 2016
Tue-Thu 5pm-midnight
Fri-Sat 5pm-1am
Closed Mon
(412) 422-5040

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Hidden Harbor



by 41 people



Everyone You
Decor 7.7
Drink Quality 9.2
Drink Selection 8.8
Mood 7.6
Music 7.5
Service 9.6
Tikiness 7.2
Tilt 8.8
Vibe 8.5

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Humuhumu’s description

Hidden Harbor opened in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh in January 2016. The bar is owned by Peter and Matt Kurzweg, who own the brewery next door, and their partner, tikiphile Adam Henry. The decor is decorated in a more nautical style than a tiki style, with no bamboo, rattan or thatch. There are, however, three large tikis carved by Crazy Al Evans. The drink menu is a mix of classic tiki drinks and modern tropicals, and there are special themed nights with more focused tropical drink menus. There is a small selection of food available, including a pu-pu platter.


Tiki Kim
Tiki Kim has visited Hidden Harbor.
July 17, 2018, 6:55 PM
Had the Curse of Pele shaken by its creator Sarah. It was excellent!
Tiki Lindy
Tiki Lindy has visited Hidden Harbor.
May 23, 2018, 5:52 AM
Top notch drinks, both tiki classics and original Tiki inspired cocktails. Excellent presentation, with fresh garnishes and an extensive rum selection. Dark and mysterious it is not, however I do not believe that is or should be a criteria for tiki authenticity. Let us not forget the beach front vibe of the first Tiki bars. This establishment by co-owners Adam and Pete are the beach vibe version of tiki, and it lends itself to a more awake and vibrant experience. Perfect for enjoying the lovely glassware, garnishes and friendly staff. For a moment I forgot I was in rainy Pittsburgh and felt more like near the beach in Santa Barbara.

A beautiful large Ku statue and two wall carvings are in the lounge-y area on other side of the bar. Souvenir glassware available at the time were a Mai Tai and collins glass (they refer to it as a Zombie glass), both perfectly cute.

Did I say the drinks were spot on? Without drinking myself under the table, I tried what I could (Night Ripper and King Ku) but observed every conconction crafted in front of me for other patrons with a keen eye. Most notable was the array of in house crafted syrups including Fassionola, Orgeat, Falernum, and many more! Always a good sign!

Uapu'uwai has visited Hidden Harbor.
May 7, 2018, 6:13 PM
A modern take on Tiki with great artwork by Crazy Al and wallpaper by Cole & Son. Wonderfully crafted cocktails by a marvelous crew. I wished I could have stayed for more, and I hope I will be back some day. Adam, thank you so much for your delightful nickel tour!
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