Harbor Hut

Morro Bay, CA
Bar & Restaurant
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1205 Embarcadero
Morro Bay, CA
Daily 11am-9pm
(805) 772-2255

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Harbor Hut



by 27 people



Everyone You
Decor 5.9
Drink Quality 5.3
Drink Selection 5.1
Food Quality 7
Food Selection 7.3
Mood 6.2
Music 3.5
Service 7
Tikiness 6.1
Tilt 5.9
Vibe 6.3

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Humuhumu’s description

This used to be Samoa Hut.


PineappleWhip has visited Harbor Hut.
May 13, 2021, 3:01 PM
We had a very short but enjoyable visit. Harbor Hut, has some tiki history, and retains a bit of it (there are a few tikis around, and some great details on the A-frame, with some nautical decor), but, most of the tikiness is not presented very forwardly.

With that being said, the view is spectacular, an amazing view of Morro Rock, and the harbor. The food is wonderful, and worth the price. There is an outdoor "Lil Hut" which has more reasonably priced pick-up window fish and sandwich type items.

Drinks are tasty, even though they are not classic tiki recipes. I think they could introduce a few classic tiki recipes and it would really help their menu.

Although not heavily on the tiki decor, it is still a worthwhile visit for the incredible view and nice dining experience, with a little bit of tiki around to search for :)
MeleIpo has visited Harbor Hut.
May 11, 2021, 11:22 AM
I had a lovely time sitting at the bar. Great view
Monster A GoGo
Monster A GoGo has visited Harbor Hut.
January 31, 2019, 8:32 PM
Harbor Hut is such a missed opportunity. The outside of the building is cool, with the A-frame shape and a few tikis here and there, there's not much inside to note. Sure, there is a limited tiki cocktail menu and a token dash of tiki-esque decor (and a bit of the nautical look as well), but that is all. Snore.

You can read about it (and other tiki-esque things in the general area, along with many photos) in a blog post here:

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