Giligin's Kon Tiki Lounge

Scottsdale, AZ
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4251 North Winfield Scott Plaza
Scottsdale, AZ
Opened in 1995
Daily 11am-2am
(480) 874-2264

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Giligin's Kon Tiki Lounge



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Everyone You
Decor 3.9
Drink Quality 6.8
Drink Selection 6.2
Mood 3.4
Music 4.1
Service 2.7
Tikiness 2.3
Tilt 5.2
Vibe 5.1

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Monster A GoGo
Monster A GoGo has visited Giligin's Kon Tiki Lounge.
January 31, 2019, 10:57 PM
I had the , uh... pleasure (if you can call it that) of visiting GILIGIN'S in November on my tiki crawl through the Phoenix area. GILIGIN'S was my first stop. I'm so glad that I encountered this at the beginning of my trip because every other stop just put this experience further and further from my mind.

GILIGIN'S had a decent tiki look to it going in...but it dissolved quickly when we asked for a tiki cocktail menu. The bartender was kind of a jerk. "We don't have a blender here. We don't have little umbrellas." He was mocking us. RUDE!
You'd think a place ripping off the "GILLIGAN'S ISLAND" name (the logo was written in the show's font) would try to be more GILLIGAN'S ISLAND-esque with tiki drinks to match--instead of just beer and shots.

Whatever. You can read about my visit fully (with photos) and all of the other Phoenix-area tiki joints in my blog, if you wish. The link is HERE:

The really is NO REASON to visit GILIGIN'S, especially with HULA'S MODERN TIKI-SCOTTSDALE just down the street...
John S. james
John S. james has visited Giligin's Kon Tiki Lounge.
October 6, 2017, 8:35 PM
Very Student and "amateur " oriented.
Hang10tiki has visited Giligin's Kon Tiki Lounge.
January 31, 2017, 9:04 PM
Sat at a table for a while, no one came by, I walked up to the bar and asked the bartender for a drink menu, his reply was "we don't have a drink menu" and then pointed at the bottles behind the bar.
We left.

Avoid this one!
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