Milwaukee, WI
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2718 N Bremen St
Milwaukee, WI
Opened in 1995
Sun-Thu 4pm-1:30am
Fri-Sat 4pm-2am
(414) 374-2587

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by 109 people



Everyone You
Decor 9.6
Drink Quality 9.4
Drink Selection 9.4
Mood 9.5
Music 9.6
Service 9.5
Tikiness 9.8
Tilt 9.7
Vibe 9.2

Upcoming Visits

  • gooneybird
    visiting on
    Friday, February 16, 2018
    for the first time
    Staying in town 3 nights (upstairs, actually). It's warm in February, right!?!?

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Humuhumu’s description

Foundation began as a punk bar, and around 2004 began a conversion into a punk tiki bar at the prompting of manager Don Nelson. Today the bar has left its punk roots behind, and has completed the metamorphosis into a beloved and completely punk-free tiki bar. It is chock full of tikis, many carved by local tiki artist Lake Tiki. The menu is full of traditional and modern tropical drinks, served in tiki mugs.
In 2017, a fully tikified vacation rental was added above Foundation, the Captain's Quarters
Foundation Captain's Quarters
Milwaukee, WI


NeilSmith has visited Foundation.
September 23, 2017, 11:36 AM
When we booked our trip to Chicago, a friend said we couldn't miss the chance of going to Foundation, although we didn't have a car rental, the friend arrange for us to get the Metra to her house, then her friend borrowed his Fathers car and drove us all across the state line the whole 90 miles for two drinks at Foundation, which was totally worth it.
When we arrived I couldn't believe where it was and what it looked like from the outside, and on walking through the door, it felt like we had walked into someone's home bar, it had such a great intimate feel, so homely, I imagined how it must feel going in there when the temperature outside drops to below freezing.
The decor, exotica music, drinks, and service were all equally amazing. Don was Bartending and he was an excellent host, this was by far the best Tiki Bar we visited during our Chicago vacation. They also have a great signature Tiki Barrel Mug too, and stunning Air BnB.
Thank you
KukePuluke is a semi-regular at Foundation.
August 25, 2017, 4:59 PM
So, I visited 2 more times on my trip to my birthplace and they were not as good. The first time it was surf music playing=OK, but the Mai Tai's did not taste right=different bartender than I'd not seen before. 2nd time it was old Jazz which my female companion enjoyed, but the bartender was slightly surly about her requesting her beer be served in a tiki mug and suggested she buy a mug from which to drink......a coupla years ago the bartender was gracious and happy to serve a beer in a tiki mug.........what happened to the Aloha/ge·müt·lich·keit?!! but this place is still good in my opinion.
KukePuluke is a semi-regular at Foundation.
August 19, 2017, 6:42 PM
I like this place. The neighborhood is nostalgic for me cuz across the street I shared a double storefront with 4 others as our art studios, way back before Foundation existed.
Our studio space is the Kabob Hut and Foundation is fantastic.
Everytime I return I appreciate it more, as I've visited more bars all over the place....most don't compare well to this jewel box!
The time I reviewed this place it was VERY BUSY, and service was lousy, but subsequent visits have shown it to be fine. The drinks are excellent, and the prices reasonable compared to my visit to Tiki To in LA.
The 3 of us had a superb time sitting around a surf board shaped table, sipping superb concoctions, enjoying our conversation AND the Exotica playing loud enough to hear and soft enough to enjoy EVERYTHING!
Nice to visit my birthplace. So glad this is here. Highly Recommended!
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Upcoming Visits
visiting on
Friday, February 16, 2018
for the first time
Staying in town 3 nights (upstairs, actually). It's warm in February, right!?!?
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