Fong's Pizza

Des Moines, IA
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223 4th Street
Des Moines, IA
Opened in 2009
Daily 11am-2am
(515) 323-3333

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Fong's Pizza



by 12 people



Everyone You
Decor 6.7
Drink Quality 6.6
Drink Selection 7.9
Food Quality 8.3
Food Selection 7.8
Mood 8.2
Music 5.3
Service 9.1
Tikiness 6.5
Tilt 9.7
Vibe 8.8

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Humuhumu’s description

Fong's Pizza opened in January 2009 as a partnership between Jeff Bruning (part owner of several other Des Moines bars) and Gwen Schlepphorst. Bruning had dreams of opening a tiki bar, Schlepphorst had dreams of opening a late-night pizza joint. Fong's Pizza took over a space vacated by King Ying Low, a Chinese restaurant that had operated for over one hundred years.
Fong's is a funky mix of Chinese, Polynesian and uniquely
American touches. Tiki drinks are served in tiki mugs from Tiki Farm (when secured with an appropriate deposit). Pizza is available by the slice until well past midnight; during lunch and dinner service a wider menu is available with some traditional Chinese and Polynesian offerings.


September 11, 2017, 3:44 PM
What a blast! This place is not a pure tiki experience by any stretch but boy is it fun.

The combination of an Asian and Italian joint with a cover of tiki is crazy fun but overall it feels a little lost.

My go to is a Mai Tai. I judge all places by Mai Tais and this one haunted me.... not in the good way. I feel like maybe they ran out of orgeat and used almond syrup because something was "off."

The other drinks I had were decent but not made with the love that others tiki bars might put into these delicious cocktails.

The helmets are a fun element but make almost no sense. The food was weird, fun but not great.

The staff, mug selection and mood really save this place and really give it the kind of fun twisted vibe I was expected.

It is on the must list to visit but temper your expectations and you will enjoy the heck out of it.
Adammanski has visited Fong's Pizza.
August 8, 2016, 9:22 AM
Fong's was pretty cool. There was a Journey and Kansas were playing downtown the night I went so it was PACKED, but since I was a single I was able to find a spot at the bar. Maybe it was because it was so busy, but the place was a little too fast paced and "corporate" feeling for me. "Come in... look at the stuff... get a drink... eat a pizza... GET OUT!" They had a very limited supply of cups for sale. They were out of the signature cups and the it sounds like the new sig. cup is going to be a Lucky Cat, not really tiki. I wish I could have bought the cup I was drinking out of, but I settled for a 15th anniversary Tiki Farm pineapple.

over all it was a good time and if Downtown isn't so busy I bet it's more fun.
Cheap bastard
Cheap bastard has visited Fong's Pizza.
July 14, 2016, 4:12 PM
I really like Fong's. I wasn't happy with the pizza that I ordered. It was undercooked and kinda messy. The barmaid was also indifferent. She wasn't rude....just "meh...who cares....." Their drink menu is extensive and the prices are good. I wish they had more mugs to sell. The vibe is definitely tiki fused with Chinese flair. It's unique for sure.
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