Crowne Plaza Hanalei Hotel

San Diego, CA
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2270 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA
Opened in 1964
(619) 297-1101

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Crowne Plaza Hanalei Hotel



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Decor 7.1
Mood 6.5
Product Quality 6.7
Product Selection 5.6
Service 7.1
Tikiness 7.3
Tilt 6.9
Vibe 6.4

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Humuhumu’s description

The hotel is currently part of the the Crowne Plaza chain, and thus is formally called the Crowne Plaza San Diego. Before becoming a Crowne Plaza hotel, it was a Red Lion hotel, and before that it was a Best Western. The sign for the Hanalei used to be a fantastic example of Googie signage, but tragically, it was replaced with an exceedingly bland sign when "updated" by Best Western. The "Hanalei" name was dropped when it became the Crowne Plaza in 2007.
The Crowne Plaza has been able to retain a little bit of its Polynesian feel, including tikis salvaged from Steve Crane's Luau
The Luau
Beverly Hills, CA
Bar & Restaurant
in Beverly Hills. It's a large hotel, and the remaining tiki touches are more scattered than immersive.
In late 2006, the Islands Restaurant was gutted, and the amount of tiki to be found here is sadly dwindling.


February 21, 2019, 3:39 PM
This is where the Tiki Oasis machine happens every year, so you can't rate a place during that period when getting a drink takes an hour. I went there just last weekend on another trip south. When there's not 5000 people there, you really see how beat up and Blandsville this place is. I stopped at the sushi bar, which is thoroughly underwhleming, ordered a mai-tai-ish looking drink and realized this place really is sad. But the pool at least did not have an oil slick on it.
PineappleWhip has visited Crowne Plaza Hanalei Hotel.
August 14, 2017, 8:35 AM
My first time here was at Tiki Oasis, so, my perspective may be slightly biased. I thought it was amazing!! I can't imagine a better place on the west coast for Tiki Oasis. I am hoping that the hotel management are encouraged to add more Polynesian and Tiki flavor into the space, and make this even better. Food was nothing special, but, sufficient for an event this size. Service was outstanding, everyone visibly was attentive, and pleasant. Drinks could use some work to get to a higher standard. Overall, a Fantastic place to host Tiki Oasis :) !!!
Atomic Tiki Punk
Atomic Tiki Punk is a semi-regular at Crowne Plaza Hanalei Hotel.
January 2, 2017, 12:40 AM
The food & drinks are terrible, over priced & service is so slow during events here, the staff is nice & try their best.
The rooms are standard hotel chain rooms no special decor, There is a charge to park here, but just to reiterate, the food is god awful! go to Old Town for food, just a mile away.
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