Clifton's Pacific Seas

Los Angeles, CA
Bar & Restaurant
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618 S Olive St
Los Angeles, CA
Opened in 1939
Closed in 1960
No longer in operation.

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Humuhumu’s description

Clifton's opened in 1931, and after a remodel to add Polynesian theming in 1939 was rechristened "Clifton's Pacific Seas." The name "Clifton's" is a portmanteau of founder Clifford Clinton's name. Clifton's was a massive cafeteria, and aimed to serve inexpensive meals to all social classes, and promised to turn no one away, even the penniless. A neon sign flashed, "PAY WHAT YOU WISH."
This was the first Clifton's location, today most are familiar with the forest-themed Clifton's Brookdale location at 7th & Broadway, which still operates today. In November 2016, a new tiki bar was opened in that location, in tribute to the original Clifton's Pacific Seas, appropriately named Pacific Seas
Clifton's Pacific Seas
Los Angeles, CA
Clifton's Pacific Seas was themed on a grand scale. It had an elaborate, multi-story external facade with cascading waterfalls and tropical plantings. Inside there was another large waterfall, huts, and artificial palm trees.
Clifton's Pacific Seas closed in 1960, and the building was razed. It is now a parking lot.


Tiki Kiki
Tiki Kiki has visited Clifton's Pacific Seas.
November 1, 2016, 5:48 PM
Is this where we can rate the new Pacific Seas at Clifton's? I was there last night for a special event before their opening to the public and was awesome!!

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