Clifton's Pacific Seas

Los Angeles, CA
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648 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA
Opened in November 2016
Wed 6pm-midnight
Thu-Sat 6pm-2am
(213) 627-1673

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Clifton's Pacific Seas



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Decor 9.9
Drink Quality 7.1
Drink Selection 7
Mood 9
Music 7.8
Service 7.9
Tikiness 8.5
Tilt 8.5
Vibe 8.5

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  • Hamo
    visiting on
    Wednesday, August 9, 2017
    for the first time
    I'm going to see if I can make it about 6 for a drink before leaving on a train from Union Station later in the evening.

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Humuhumu’s description

Pacific Seas is a bar inside of the Clifton's complex in downtown Los Angeles. It opened in November 2016, and pays tribute to the original Clifton's Pacific Seas
Clifton's Pacific Seas
Los Angeles, CA
Bar & Restaurant
, which was located a few blocks away on Olive Street and operated from 1939-1960. This Clifton's location on Broadway opened in 1935 and remained in operation until it closed for extensive remodeling in 2011 by new owner Andrew Meieran, finally reopening in 2015.
In addition to the nod to Clifton's own Polynesian Pop history, Pacific Seas incorporates elements from the later heyday of 1960s tiki, thanks in particular to decor purchased from Bahooka
Bahooka Ribs & Grog
Rosemead, CA
Bar & Restaurant
after it closed in early 2013. Pacific Seas was built by Bamboo Ben
Bamboo Ben's Showroom
Huntington Beach, CA
, grandson of the famous early Tiki decorator and builder Eli Hedley
Eli Hedley's Home
San Pedro, CA
Reservations are recommended, and there is a dress code (basically: don't wear shorts and a t-shirt, put a little effort in and you'll be fine, wear some nice vintage aloha and you're golden).

How to find it

Pacific Seas is within the Clifton's complex. On the third floor, go through the mirrored door, then up one floor to the Art Deco Map Room. Pacific Seas is just beyond that room.


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Articles in Critiki News

Upcoming Visits
visiting on
Wednesday, August 9, 2017
for the first time
I'm going to see if I can make it about 6 for a drink before leaving on a train from Union Station later in the evening.
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Anarion is a semi-regular at Clifton's Pacific Seas.
June 20, 2017, 12:47 PM
Now the best reason for me to make the trek to Clifton's (not that there weren't enough already). Surprisingly painless to get in if one is willing to wait a little bit. Love the pirate doubloon they give you to gain access. Matt the bartender was a real delight and sure knows how to mix some delicious concoctions. Also come here regularly for the Coconut Club events, which couldn't be more entertaining, though they have gotten extremely crowded of late.
Cretin90 has visited Clifton's Pacific Seas.
June 11, 2017, 4:59 PM
Avoid this place like the plague.

So after all the build up and hype, my girl and I went to Pacific Seas. We arrived about 7pm on a ssturdy night. We wandered around while the ultra-cool waitstaff were too busy to greet us. Finally a very nice guy named Marcel set up a two-top for us. He was great. The ambience is good-ish. There's a boat in the middle of the floor, which I guess is supposed to be cool. It's just in the way.
Ordered a Mai tai and a painkiller. Mai-tai was swill....sour and pale. The worst mai-tai ever. I swear Smart and Final makes a better mai tai mix.
Meanwhile , this hostess chick "Eena"(porn star name?)...was running around taking selfies with customers and sounding like she owns the place. Mid way through our second drink (no more mai tais), Eena comes over and smugly says to me "I'll be needing this table. It's reserved now. ". Wow. Thanks, bitch for making me look like a jerk to my date.
I said "can we finish our drinks"?..she says with a typical millenial smirk: "those other people didn't complain when I moved them". This is when I see red. So we move to adjacent stools, drinks in hand. The table we were just bumped out of stayed vacant for a half hour.
The way to handle a table conflict is to warn the customer ahead if time, give them a chance to finish their drinks, and offer them a free drink. Getting kicked off my table was embarrassing and ruined my experience there.
We will never return. There's five other tiki bars to choose from. I suggest you do the same, and not bother with this place. It's the opposite of what a good tiki bar should be.
abtiki has visited Clifton's Pacific Seas.
June 7, 2017, 10:41 PM
The Pacific Seas is clearly improving since other negative reviews. We arrived at 6 pm on a Wed. and were let in after about 15 minutes with no waitlist. There were about 12 other people when we arrived. The place is sumptuous with numerous tiki details (some from Bahooka) in every direction creating a vibe that is very close to tiki perfection. I particularly dug the music selection, which contained no exotica or Hawaiian music, but everything else one might consider appropriate or groovy at a tiki bar from bossa nova to swinging '60s to surf and cha cha cha, a very thoughtfully rendered mix of ultra-groovy songs. The drinks were exceptional (they have a great menu now) and the whole experience, otherworldly. I have been to numerous tiki bars in the U.S. and Europe and this place is among the swellest, certainly the finest current tiki bar in the L.A. area.
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