Cat Eye Club

San Diego, CA
Bar & Restaurant
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370 7th Ave
San Diego, CA
Opened in 2013
Thu-Sat 5pm-1:30am
closed Sun-Wed
(619) 330-9509

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Cat Eye Club



by 28 people



Everyone You
Decor 5.6
Drink Quality 7.3
Drink Selection 7.4
Food Quality 8
Food Selection 5.9
Mood 6.7
Music 7
Service 8.5
Tikiness 5.3
Tilt 6.8
Vibe 6.7

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Humuhumu’s description

Cat Eye Club is a small bar and restaurant with a lightly-applied mid-century and tiki theme. It opened in 2013, but shifted to tiki in 2016. There is a menu of tropical and classic tiki cocktails, many served in tiki mugs, and a small food menu. The decor is more tropical-lite than tiki, with a few tiki masks on a wall, and palm frond wallpaper on another.


tikiglees is a semi-regular at Cat Eye Club.
April 14, 2017, 10:23 AM
Need to get your tiki on before hitting a baseball game?... couldn't be closer. I've found the bartenders to be super engaging and while this is not False Idol, its great to have another tiki location downtown and they are doing enough things right to make it a regular stop.
KevinCrossman has visited Cat Eye Club.
April 11, 2017, 10:25 PM
Located a block away from PetCo Park and nearby San Diego's bustling Gaslamp District, The Cat Eye Club is your best tiki option in the area. The venue has been dressed up tiki style and features an all-tiki drink menu. Food is from the Blind Burro next door, so you can have some fish tacos along with your drinks.

This isn't False Idol by any stretch, and my off-the-menu Mai Tai wasn't great - but it sure was a heck of a lot better than then rum+rum+more rum "Mai Tai" they serve at Bali Hai. My Painkiller was quite tasty and my wife enjoyed the Enchanted Youth with pomegranet . The service was really outstanding with a friendly waitress and bar staff. They even have a scorpion bowl type drink called the Goonies Never Say Die that is served in a pirate chest complete with dry ice effects.

This isn't the most tiki bar you'll ever go to, but the clientele is definitely more sophisticated after a Padres game than the frat/jock vibe at most of the bars in the East Village/Gaslamp areas.
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