Castaway Clemens' Paradise Cove Tiki Lounge

Los Angeles, CA
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Los Angeles, CA
Opened in 2007

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Castaway Clemens' Paradise Cove Tiki Lounge


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Humuhumu’s description

Paradise Cove is the bedroom of Castaway Clemens. The Cove has an emphasis on decorative clutter and detailed lighting design, which serve as effective camouflage of the room's main restriction: it is in fact a temporary-by-necessity installation in a rented apartment, limiting the construction possibilities. Despite the limitations, Castaway Clemens has created a thoroughly enveloping tiki environment.
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April 24, 2016, 12:43 PM
Hey Paul. Big fan. Actually ventured over to this site while watching your live stream killer spoon chat on YouTube. (When not live really. Four months late to show) Always a big fan as The Beast Within was my favorite horror movie growing up. There is a crazy story to tell upon my first viewing of that movie. You were great in it. Acting was top notch ! Glad to see you are still in the field and doing well.
Question for you on these Tiki photos. On the decor shot, do I see the Trilogy of Terror doll winking back at me? LOL. Awesome if that is the case. All the best. JC
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