Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29

New Orleans, LA
Bar & Restaurant
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321 North Peters St.
New Orleans, LA
Opened in 2014
Mon-Thu 3pm-11pm
Fri-Sat noon-1am
Sun 3pm-11pm
(504) 609-3811

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Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29



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Decor 9
Drink Quality 9.7
Drink Selection 9.8
Food Quality 9
Food Selection 8.7
Mood 8.9
Music 8.6
Service 9.6
Tikiness 9.5
Tilt 9.4
Vibe 9

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Humuhumu’s description

Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29 is the much anticipated venture of Jeff "Beachbum" Berry and his wife Annene Kaye. Berry has worked tirelessly for the past two decades (who am I kidding? he's a bum, he got tired now and then), researching the long-lost recipes for classic exotic cocktails from the heyday of Tiki. We all have the Bum (and his publishers!) to thank for the revival of the well-crafted exotic cocktail, via his books The Grog Log, Intoxica!, Taboo Table, Beachbum Berry Remixed, and Potions of the Caribbean.
Latitude 29 opened in November 2014, inside the Bienville House Hotel. The drink menu is a mix of Tiki classics (some of them the Bum has been keeping in his back pocket for just this occasion), and modern inventions by the Bum himself. Latitude 29 follows through on drink presentation, with custom swizzles and just-so garnish and ice touches. The bar team is led by Brad Smith; the Bum himself won't be found behind the bar, but rather playing host, like a Beachbum should.
The food menu, originated by chef Chris Shortall and now under the care of executive chef James Rivard, leaves the sticky-sweet Chinese-meets-pineapple history of Polynesian restaurants behind, and instead has more modern, fresh takes on the ethnic blend of flavors available in Polynesia today.
The decor is not quite the dark, encrusted enclave one might expect from a dyed-in-the-barkcloth tikiphile like Berry, but the windows and hotel location have dictated a brighter approach. There's no mistaking this space for anything but Tiki, though, thanks largely to the work of artisans Bosko and Tiki Diablo. There are large tiki carvings throughout, and behind the bar is a beautiful map depicting the carving styles found throughout the islands of the Pacific. There are many vintage beachcomber lamps and other items from Berry's long-lived Tiki collection.


tikiwagon has visited Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29.
July 19, 2018, 8:28 AM
Our visit was a 3 nights in a row affair, First Night Jeff greeted and served us, Excellent quality drinks and decor
UnreachableShelf has visited Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29.
June 25, 2018, 5:46 PM
I visited Latitude 29 twice during a recent visit at New Orleans, on a Thursday and a Monday, both times around 5:30. The first time I sat at a busy bar, had their Latitude 29, shrimp and grits, and a mocktail version of the missionary's downfall called the Missionary's Fallback. The bartender was busy but friendly, always acknowledging that she would check in soon and then doing so as soon as she had a chance to catch up when things got backed up. (I didn't hear anything specifically to this effect, but I suspected that either somebody had called off or a large group had arrived unexpectedly in some part of the bar that I could not see.) There was a small collection of tikis artistically displayed on the wall behind the bar, and I could see a few other statues around the area. The latitude 29 and the shrimp and grits were both delicious, as was the missionary's fallback, which the bartender brought to me in a go-cup unasked when I ordered it at the same time as I asked for my check.

I went back a few days later after having a light dinner and a drink nearby because I decided I wanted to try the pineapple cake I had passed up on the first trip. For this visit, I asked for a table and stuck to mocktails because I typically only have one alcoholic drink per meal. At the table, I was more aware of how light the restaurant was with its hotel front, full of windows location, however it still felt quite peaceful. Further away from the other customers, I was more aware of the music and the lack of exotica, but the volume was moderate and not overwhelming. I had a collada con nada with my cake, both of which were quite tasty. I then told the waitress- the same woman who had been tending bar at my first visit- that I liked both sweet and citrusy drinks and asked her if I should order the re-animator (a mocktail version of a zombie, their only on-menu mocktail I had not tried at this point) or the missionary's fallback as my to-go drink. She suggested the missionary's fallback and brought it to me in a plastic cup along with my check. I think that both Latitude 29 and Tiki Tolteca (upstairs and next door) have good qualities, but on the whole I think I would prefer Latitude 29 in most circumstances.
GeekyTiki has visited Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29.
June 11, 2018, 6:02 PM
This review will be a little wordy, and I apologize for the length, but of the four days my wife and I spent in New Orleans this past weekend, three of those evenings found us bent over the bar at Beachbum Berry's. As such I'll try to include as much pertinent information for a prospective visitor as I'm able. As noted in the main Critiki write-up, Latitude29 is located in the Bienville House hotel in the French Quarter. You can enter Lat.29 through the hotel lobby entrance off Decatur (head through the lobby and it's toward the back), or the main entrance for the bar itself on St. Peters. We stopped in for the first time at around 8:30 on Thursday night after dropping our bags in our room upstairs. It wasn't too busy, though the bartender remarked they were swamped from about 6:30-7:30 and within a half hour of us being there it had picked up again so we apparently arrived at just the right time for a prime bar spot. The space is divided by a wall running down the middle; one side has several tables perfect for larger groups or those looking to dine while they drink, while the other side has the bar and a couple high top tables near the front of the space. The decor is restrained in that it isn't that layer upon layer of tiki accents that some bars opt for, but don't be fooled; its modestly restrained decor is expertly chosen. From the pair of replica Enchanted Tiki Room drummers above a window in the dining section to the curio cabinet full of great tiki treasures, it all speaks of a very well curated collection of choice pieces making up in their quality for any shortcomings that might be implied by their quantity. Maybe the most impressive of these design elements, though, is the map of Polynesia (and beyond) that spans the back of the bar. Designed by Tiki Diablo, the piece incorporates 12 custom mugs set into the map symbolizing various islands throughout Polynesia, as well as Mexico and America (the America mug is, naturally, the limited edition Latitude29 mug which is placed over New Orleans on the map). Its a fantastic piece and, for lack of more eloquent words, I want one. As for the drinks; having stopped in three nights I'm happy to have a few suggestions. The house drink, the "Latitude29" is very tasty and subtly sweet, but not overbearing. I tend to like drinks with a bit more fight, though, and their Hawaii 504 creation is a nice option. As for classic cocktails, the Zombie was perfect, as was the Navy Grog. The Nui Nui was good, though very spice forward so if that's not typically your thing then steer clear. Our bartender Matt was also kind enough to downsize their communal Jet Pilot to a very, very tasty single serving for me. My wife tried several drinks as well and while the Mai Tai is excellent, she fell in love with the Latitude 29 and it replaced her usual opening Mai Tai on the two visits after the first night. She loved the Deadbeat Daiquri she tried on night two, (while I was able to confirm that no, I still do not like Daiquris), and we shared an excellent Lapu Lapu on our third visit. Fellow patrons were great each visit and the bar staff were very friendly and willing to offer suggestions. A special nod goes out to bartender Matt who single handedly faced down a fairly busy last hour rush on his own and still put out excellent drinks, made sure to check in on his patrons often, patiently handled a finicky guest, and did it all with a smile. Truly a tiki hero. There are a couple other things I'd like to note that may not come up in a normal tiki bar review but that might be interesting to anyone looking to visit Latitude 29; namely Bienville House Hotel. After looking at numerous hotels in the area and doing the math, my wife and I realized that it was only about another $30 a night to stay at the Bienville House hotel itself than it would be to stay at the Sheraton a block away (this was the the next least expensive lodging option near the quarter when we booked). Given the relatively low extra cost we figured we might as well stay in the hotel where the tiki bar is...which is both a terrible and wonderful idea. Not only was it convenient being able to simply stumble to the elevator up to my room after a few cocktails, had I not wanted to even leave our room there were signs near the elevator noting that we could order both food and drinks from Lat. 29 as room service. Additionally, the hotel has a small pool in the charming courtyard just outside Latitude 29 where you can sip a Mai Tai while you float around contemplating whether or not you ever truly need to leave this little slice of heaven. If you don't want the drink in your room or the pool, and don't want to sit at the bar either, the bartenders will happily make your Suffering Bastard in a plastic cup you can take with you on your adventure through the streets of the French Quarter because that's allowed and its great. All of this goes to say that if you're planning a New Orleans trip and know you want to spend some quality time at Latitude29, Bienville House hotel makes it pretty easy to stay in a fairly perpetual state of tiki-paradise cocktail induced bliss for the duration of your trip. The staff was friendly, there was complementary breakfast each morning, and the room was nice (honestly didn't spend much time there other than to sleep). One last thing about the bar itself; they offer a few choice products for the tiki collector. They sold menus, though I'm not sure how much they were as I didn't ask, and naturally have a couple mug options. There is the standard coconut mug, branded either "Beachbum Berry" or "Latitude 29", for $15, as well as a new (at the time) "Bora Bora" mug in three color options; orange/white, green/white, or blue,white, that were $50 each. Finally, if you ask, they may have one of their custom Tiki Diablo limited edition mugs in the back. They had 7 when I was there, but as much as I wanted one the already expensive trip made a $75 mug, however awesome, a little out of reach (maybe I should have stayed at the Sheraton after all). All in all Latitude 29 absolutely lives up to what you'd expect and imagine from the Beachbum: perfect atmosphere, knowledgeable bartenders, and fantastic drinks. Its not to be missed if you find yourself in New Orleans.
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visiting on
Friday, October 26, 2018
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We will be in town Halloween weekend. Looking forward to exploring NOLA and drinking some tasty tiki cocktails ;)
visiting on
Saturday, November 10, 2018
for the first time
In for the weekend. Can't wait to stop by
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