Bali Hai Restaurant

San Diego, CA
Bar & Restaurant
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2230 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, CA
Opened in 1953
Mon-Sat 11:30am-3pm
Sun 10am-2pm
(619) 222-1181

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Bali Hai Restaurant



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Decor 7.8
Drink Quality 7.7
Drink Selection 8
Food Quality 8
Food Selection 7.8
Mood 7.7
Music 7.6
Service 8.3
Tikiness 8.1
Tilt 8
Vibe 8.1

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Humuhumu’s description

When Bali Hai first opened, it was called The Hut, and was a subsidiary of Christian's Hut
Christian's Hut
Newport Beach, CA
Bar & Restaurant
in Newport Beach. The business didn't do well initially, until the manager Tom Ham took it over and renamed it Bali Hai. Atop the building, you can still see "the Goof," a funny-looking guy who was the mascot for Christian's Hut. Bali Hai developed their own mascot, Mr. Bali Hai, whose droopy-lidded face can be seen at the front door, and on the tiki mugs. Today, Bali Hai remains a popular Polynesian restaurant, with many fine examples of Polynesian art both indoors and out.

How to find it

When you arrive at Shelter Island's large roundabout, take it to the left, to the island's north-east end.


Bali Hai has its own free parking lot.


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Merry Mermaid
Merry Mermaid is a semi-regular at Bali Hai Restaurant.
April 26, 2016, 3:07 PM
I grew up going to this San Diego iconic restaurant with its gorgeous view. In the last five years though, they have perfected the menu and the food is fantastic. The Mai Tais are very true to Polynesian culture, as they aren't sugared up with juices or mixes. It's all about the rums. Mai Tais and other island style drinks can be served in a Mr. Bali Hai collectible mug, which is cool! The reason I make it a point to return to Bali hai at least once a month is the live music. As far as I know, they only have one musician who plays there and he is AMAZING!!! He makes me feel like I'm on a beach in Maui. His voice is wonderful and he plays authentic Hawaiian songs. I bring my friends to hear him play and we don't leave the lounge to eat dinner until his set is over! He makes it well worth the price.
Mai Tai Mike
Mai Tai Mike has visited Bali Hai Restaurant.
January 20, 2016, 9:38 PM
Not your typical Mai Tai, but one I love. No fruit juice here just lots of rum. Limit yourself to me.
rsully95 is a semi-regular at Bali Hai Restaurant.
January 13, 2016, 7:53 PM
Bali Hai is a great place to go for 2 reasons . . . 1. The views and 2. the brunch.

It is the first place I go when I get off the plane in San Diego. I head over there, grab a spot at the bar during happy hour and watch all the Navy planes take off and land at Coronado, right across the water. Bali Hai's bar has an amazing, nearly 180 degree view of all of San Diego bay and it's right on the water. Be warned, their mai tai is all alcohol and will knock you on your rear. The first one I had I couldn't even finish, but the next time I was there it was a bit mellower.

On top of this great, laid-back vibe, Bali Hai runs an absolutely fantastic Sunday brunch that includes all-you-can-drink champagne and a great menu.

Bali Hai is my personal favorite for relaxing whenever I'm in San Diego.
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