Vera's White Sands Beach Club

Bar, Rental Facility & Restaurant
1200 White Sands Drive
Lusby, Maryland, United States
Ph: (410) 586-1182 - Website
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Opened in 1960
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11.7 km
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Mural near the front entrance at Vera's White Sands Beach Club in Lusby
July 2006, photo by Kevin Ruppenthal
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Humuhumu’s description:
Vera's White Sands began in 1960 as a private club, White Sands Yacht Club, owned by Dr. Effrus Freeman and his wife, Vera, and opened on a small part of 800 acres of land they owned. As the years progressed and the area was developed, the once-private club was opened to the public, sometime in the '70s.

Vera's White Sands has varying seasonal hours, open more during the summer months, and slips are still available for rental. For many decades, the main attraction was Miss Vera herself (Dr. Freeman passed away in the '70s); the well-traveled woman added a touch of glamour and exotica to the proceedings, and played the perfect hostess to the guests. She passed away January 23, 2007, at the age of 93.

In 2006, Vera transferred ownership of Vera's White Sands to a new owner, who has removed many of the classic Polynesian Pop touches, in favor of a more Jimmy Buffet-flavored tropical scene; the changes have been poorly received in the tiki community.

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August 23, 2009, 8:51 PM
I have visited Vera's about twice a year for the last two years. It has been sad to see it become less tikified with each visit. I am now grateful that I made it there two years ago when it still looked as it had in Vera's day. This past spring (2009) I was disturbed to see that they had not only taken down most of the tiki decorations, but had removed the tiki hut booths and replaced all the naugahyde leopardskin chairs in the restaurant. At least the main bar remains unchanged, with naugahyde leopardskin stools and bar padding and all the other original tiki decorations. Thankfully the food and drinks remained excellent, with Mai Tai's made in the traditional fashion.

I was there again in August and, sadly, the food had gone downhill and the Mai Tai recipe had changed to be more of a fruit punch. The bar is the only place that remains unchanged. The place has taken on more of a biker bar atmosphere with beer and crabs being the main fare. I love crabs, but crab decks are a dime a dozen in Maryland. One thing they cannot change is that Vera's is on a high promontory overlooking the confluence of two creeks, giving it one of the loveliest vantage points of any I have seen on the Chesapeake.

On the bright side, I asked what had become of all the tiki decorations and they said that Vera's house, next door to the restaurant, is being made into a Tiki Bed & Breakfast. I look forward to staying there once it is completed, likely sometime in 2010 or later.

May 2, 2012, 10:22 AM
Call first to make sure they're going to be open if you're going to make the long trek out there... As of this writing, they're only open Thursday - Sunday.
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