Trader Vic's

Bar & Restaurant
Los Rosales Street, San Geronimo Grounds
San Juan, Puerto Rico
This location is not open.
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Opened in 1961
Defunct tiki not included,
distances are as the crow flies.
Wytukai, Christ Church 570.7 mi
918.4 km
El Polinesio, Havana 1101.4 mi
1772.5 km
Kreepy Tiki Bar & Lounge, Fort Lauderdale 1041.5 mi
1676.2 km
Kreepy Tiki Tattoos & Boutique, Fort Lauderdale 1041.5 mi
1676.2 km
Mai-Kai, Fort Lauderdale 1043.3 mi
1679.0 km
see Trader Vic's in Emeryville for general Trader Vic's references
postcard, 125
Postcard showing A-frame entrance to Trader Vic's in San Juan
date unknown, from the collection of Tim Haack
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Humuhumu’s description:
This Trader Vic's was located in the Caribe Hilton. It had a large A-frame entrance, with the front of the A-frame painted with rows of small, simple tropical-motif scenes, and an even larger, matching, swooping A-frame structure over a section of the restaurant that overlooked the ocean. The space is now called the Lemongrass Restaurant, and still has the larger, swooping A-frame structure.
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June 12, 2009, 7:49 PM
I'm from Puerto Rico and never noticed this place. I'm surprised Roger Corman did not shoot there when he was filming in Puerto Rico, though he did shoot parts of "Last Woman on Earth" in the Caribe Hilton. That was 1960 or so. Don't know if this Trader Vic's was there at that time.

Also, for the longest time, there was a bar in the Miramar area. I believe it was called "La Conga". It was a little shady and I never did go in, though I wish I had. It had a big carved wooden face with it's tongue hanging out hung right above the door. Don't know if the inside was Tiki as well. I heard it's no longer there, which is a shame.

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