Trader Vic's

Bar & Restaurant
Courtland St. NE at Harris St. NE
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Ph: (404) 221-6339 - Website
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Mon-Sat 5pm-12am
Opened in 1976
Defunct tiki not included,
distances are as the crow flies.
The S.O.S., Decatur 5.2 mi
8.4 km
Franklin Lanes, Franklin 114.8 mi
184.8 km
Tiki Bob's Cantina, Birmingham 144.5 mi
232.6 km
The Omni Hut, Smyrna 192.9 mi
310.4 km
Pandora's of Grayton Beach, Santa Rosa Beach 258.9 mi
416.7 km
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see Trader Vic's in Emeryville for more general Trader Vic's references
Seating in the bar at Trader Vic's in Atlanta
September 2010, photo by tikitexan
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Humuhumu’s description:
This Trader Vic's opened in the basement level of the Hilton Hotel in downtown Atlanta in 1976. This is the only one of the Trader Vic's locations in the United States today that has not been updated in a way that removes some of the original charm. There have been ebbs and flows in the quality of the drink offerings over the last decade or so, but its value as a piece of Polynesian Pop history has helped it remain an important attraction.
How to find it:
The restaurant is in the lower level of the Atlanta Hilton; in the main elevators, look for the button that says TRADER VIC'S.
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February 6, 2009, 9:36 PM
When I am in Atlanta I always visit this Trader Vic's because it is a classic - and reminds me of the Trader Vic's in Scottsdale that closed in the early 90's. I almost lived at this location during the Summer Olympics!

June 22, 2009, 11:25 AM
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. This place feels like you are stepping back in time decor, atmosphere, and Mai Tais amazing. The food was also very good. Prices are a little high on the food but oh well definatly worth a stop if you are even remotely close to Atlanta. We went in the side entrance and there was no one there to seat us as most of the traffic goes through the main hotel lobby.
bubba has visited Trader Vic's.

July 5, 2009, 10:13 AM
Not only the only Tiki for miles, one of the best on the planet. Words can't do justice. Mysterious rooms and talented staff!
yesyesyes has visited Trader Vic's.

January 18, 2010, 10:48 AM
Always a blast!
Mai Tai Thursdays with Tongo hiti!

Sideshow Bob is a regular at Trader Vic's, and is usually there Mai Tai Thursdays!.

February 25, 2010, 4:00 PM
Excellent spot. I went there on a Monday and Tuesday night where the most of the hotel guest were booked in banquets that week, so it wasn't crowded at all. In fact, on the first night, since I was the last guy there, the bartender Joel took me around and gave me a tour of the place. Excellent drinks and excellent service.

The next night (the Tuesday) I came with a few friends and we had dinner. The Indonesian Rack of Lamb seemed to be a bit rarer than what I had asked for, but I like rare meat, so it wasn't a problem. All-around the meal was excellent and the drinks were strong and tasty, especially the Suffering Bastards.
bobtiki has visited Trader Vic's.

July 18, 2010, 9:01 AM
Thank GOD for T.V.s, Atlanta. Like others have mentioned, there is no other comparable tiki around for hundreds of miles & this is just tops. In the mid 2000s a few tikiphiles dedicated some attention to the place, holding events (including the first Hukilau), having live bands, talking mgmt into having drink specials & hiring a true drink expert as their main bartender. I'm not crazy about the food, but at a tiki bar, that's not really the priority anyway, is it.
hoho is a regular at Trader Vic's, and is usually there Thursdays....or whenever they're open....

March 20, 2011, 4:10 AM
First of and foremost, although Trader Vic's is a golden standard for Tiki, the food here is quite good. Every quarter or so the head chef gets to flex his skills and do a fancy prix-fixe menu. They usual pu-pu platters and currys are great, but my Money is is anything that comes from the Chinese wood ovens. For Desert: Bananas Foster Flambe table-side with macadamia nuts will just ruin you.

Now, that the food has been praised next stop: DRINKS.

I must say that the bartenders there not only know their menu items inside and out but they also know their rums. If they are not slammed I say ask for something special, they will surprise you. Be forewarned: they pour with a heavy hand, so plan accordingly.

Each drink is made with precision and care, with the appropriate glassware. We once ordered a Tiki Bowl, and they told us that they were all in the wash, and wanted to know if we minded using a Rum Keg Bowl instead. That stuff doesn't matter to me, but keeping the theme of each drink is important to the staff. Simple details like this make Trader Vic's a superior choice. That and the Mai Tais are perfect each time, as they should be.

Make sure to go on a Thursday Night when Mai Tais are $6. Local band Tongo Hiti plays classic Exotica and Hawaiian tunes from 8-midnight. These guys can jam. Novelty being a big deal to me, I find myself in awe as they break off into solos using anything from the steel bars to the theremin. Did Mention Mai Tais are $6

Triva: For the Halloween show one year, Mike from Tongo Hiti dressed up like a werewolf, his hair was perfect!
retro_rick is a semi-regular at Trader Vic's.

February 3, 2012, 11:30 PM
In my mind, all Trader Vics are swanky hideaways in the basements of big Hilton Hotels. I love this place!!!
Vince Martini is a semi-regular at Trader Vic's.

February 3, 2012, 11:39 PM
Oh, one other thing...not ever tiki bar has a waiter named "Ku." How cool is that???
Vince Martini is a semi-regular at Trader Vic's.

February 16, 2015, 9:29 AM
I've finally worked my way through the entire cocktail menu, and I'm ready to start over. Don't forget the Bananas Foster! My best-of choice for Georgia. Bring back the Bongo Bongo soup!
White Devil is a regular at Trader Vic's.

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