Tiki Tiki Yokohama

Bar, Restaurant & Floor Show
B1 Soutetsu Iwasaki-gakuen, Bldg. 2-17-1 Tsuruyacho
Yokohama, Japan
Ph: 045-312-3397 - Website
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Mon-Thu 5pm-11:30pm
Fri-Sun 5pm-midnight
Defunct tiki not included,
distances are as the crow flies.
Tiki Tiki Shinjuku, Tokyo 16.1 mi
25.9 km
Trader Vic's, Tokyo 16.0 mi
25.7 km
The Enchanted Tiki Room, Tokyo 18.6 mi
29.9 km
Tiki Bar Head Hunter, Okayama 327.2 mi
526.6 km
Trader Vic's, Fukuoka 540.7 mi
870.2 km
Tiki Tiki in Yokohama
June 2009, photo by Shelby
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Humuhumu’s description:

Tiki Tiki Yokohama is an elaborate Polynesian themed restaurant, with multiple dining rooms and floor shows. Tropical drinks are served in tiki mugs available only here.

There is a sister location, Tiki Tiki Shinjuku.

How to find it:
From Yokohama Station, take the west exit; the restaurant is just a couple blocks to the north.
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December 31, 2008, 8:18 AM
They renovated Tiki Tiki Yokohama about a year? ago and the Tiki factor is even higher and better than before. It looks classier as well, although no one can even get close to the ultimate in tiki bar/restaurant in Japan which is the Trader Vic's in the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo.

The walls in the back are made to look like you are looking out from a hut to the beach and the lighting slowly cycles from morning to evening.

The food is better than before, but also not nearly as good at Tokyo Trader Vics.

Here's a video clip of the hula dancers in action. It was taken on my cell phone so the quality isn't great. They have three short shows each evening of hula dancers.

Hula dancers at Tiki Tiki Yokohama

I'll post more photos from there later.

June 5, 2009, 8:33 PM
This Tiki bar worth to lose 30 minutes in local train to reach Yokohama from Tokyo.
Freshly renovated, it's well done but I prefer old school tiki bar. Cocktails are beautiful but not enough alcoholized. They also serve food which is deliscious and generous.
Hula dancers give a 3 short shows in the evening.

But I found an other Tiki-Tiki in downtown Tokyo. Looks older and vintage. Drinks are also beautiful and stronger (in alcohol) but I didn't try food.
It's in Shinjuku area, corner of Shinjuku Dori and Meiji Dori at fourth floor of a huge building (Shinjuku Sanchome subway station). There are also Hula dancers.
Shelby has visited Tiki Tiki Yokohama.

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